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Sync problem with Outlook etc.


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Sync problem with Outlook etc.

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I need help with another topic now and wonder if anyone can help me please. When going to options in activesync and attempting to highlight the boxes to sync contacts, email, tasks, calender and notes I get the following error message:-


The problem is I do have all of that on my PC (Office 2007 which synced on the old pda no problem) and outlook is set as the default email programme. Any ideas to help me fix this issue please?



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  • according to

    doing a repair of Office 2007 should do the trick

    my Dells:
    Optiplex 3020 - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit / Linux Mint
    Precision M6300 - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
    Latitude D620 - XP Pro SP3

  • ieee488

    according to

    doing a repair of Office 2007 should do the trick

    Thanks' for the reply and sorry for the delay in responding but I've been away.

    Did as suggested and that 'seemed' to fix it (in that it now syncs) but I now get a different error message.


    And although it seems to sync, no info (ie contacts etc) actually sync across.  Although I haven't changed anything I also got a message telling me that I should log on (or similar!) with the same or original profile. As if I have changed the profile!

    Any help to get me around this issue will be very gratefully received.


  • I have it fixed!!

    Anyone else experiencing the same problem please take a look here:

    Sorted. Thanks' for the help, appreciated.