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Please Help with Axim X30 Internet Explorer Does not access the web.


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Please Help with Axim X30 Internet Explorer Does not access the web.

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I just  received a Dell Axim X30 with wireless and bluetooth, running Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

It is connected to my wireless router (D-Link DI-624) fine, but when I start Internet Explorer

and try to bring up a webpage I get a "Page Not Found Error".

Is there a setting I am missing somewhere? Can someone please offer a suggestion

to get IE to browse the web?






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  • pktechboy,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    Wi-Fi 802.11b

    NOTE: Wi-Fi 802.11b is built-in and the drivers are factory installed on the Mid and High configurations. Socket 802.11b wireless cards are not supported on the Axim X30. An 802.11b wireless network cannot be setup on a low configuration

    1. Press the wireless button to enable wireless capability. The wireless radio signal is disabled from the factory. There should be a green led on the top of the Axim X30 indicating the wireless is functional.
    2. Tap Start=>Settings=>Connections tab.
    3. To add, edit or delete a profile, tap Network Cards.
    4. On the Configure Wireless Networks screen, select one of the available network names.
    5. Tap OK.

    The Configure Wireless Networks screen will only show wireless networks that are broadcasting a Network Name(SSID) and wireless networks that have been added. If the network is not listed, tap Add new and complete the following steps. Contact the network administrator to obtain the information needed below.

    1. Provide the Network Name(SSID).
    2. Select either Internet or Work for Connects To box.
      • Selecting Internet will allow you to connect to your network but you will have to manually start a VPN connection if needed.
      • Selecting Work will automatically start a VPN connection any time the network is connected to.
      • If you are having trouble connecting to your network, change the Connects To box to Internet
    3. Tap Network Key Tab.
    4. Select the Authentication and Data Encryption. If a key is need, enter the network key.
    5. Select 802.1x tab.
    6. Check or uncheck the box depending on whether your network uses this type of authentication.
    7. Tap OK

    If more than one network is listed, tap and hold the stylus on the network name you want to connect to. A pop-up menu will appear. Tap Connect. After a few seconds you should see Connected next to the wireless network you selected.