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Dell Axim X5 and Vista issue


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Dell Axim X5 and Vista issue

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I have an older Axim X5 running Pocket PC (V.3.0 Build 11178).  The version of Active Sync will not work with my newer Dell workstation running Vista.  I cannot find a version of Active Sync that will work on my Axim and also be compatible with Vista. I downloaded the Windows Mobile Device Center and thought that would do it.  However, it only lets me move files back and forth, etc..

Can anyone help me identify a way to get my Axim talking to Outlook on my Vista workstation? 


Thanks very much in advance!!!

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  • Hi canuck37,

    I wrote a blog about the issues syncing a Dell Axim X5 with the stock Windows Mobile 2002 in Vista.

    The problem is that the Axim X5 was only ever licenced by Dell to run WM2002 and at one point they even released the WM2003 firmware for the X5 but according to accounts on other sites they had removed it quickly after because it wasn't supposed to be there.

    You can find copies of this firmware online and this will make your X5 able to communicate with Vista's new sync software.

    I hope this helps.