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No display on Axim X51


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No display on Axim X51

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I've recently retrieved by Dell Axim X51 PDA from my car when it has sat in the cold for several months. When I attach it to the docking station and power it I do get the orange light which then turns green but I get no display. I've tried a hard reset but that doesn't help.

Unfortunately it's now out of warranty and I can't find the service tag number.

Any ideas what might be the problem?

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  • Service tag is under the battery.

  • Thanks - found the service tag but when I typed it into the Dell website it said it was invalid - perhaps because the warrenty has expired.

    Anyway, in the process of removing and re-inserting the battery it has now started working properly.

  • I wish that I could say the same !

  • However, when I set the date to today's date, it tells me that it's a Wednesday! Any ideas?



    Make sure the year is correct, thats the only thing I can think of that would cause it to display the wrong day of the week.

  • Yes - the year is correct - 2009.

  • I don't know then, if you have the correct time and date it should show the correct weekday.

  • Is the time zone set correctly ?

  • Yes