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axim x51v WiFi goes on and off


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axim x51v WiFi goes on and off

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I have a new Belkin wireless router, and my Axim x51v finds the network, and connects, but the signal goes on and off, almost like a heartbeat pattern.  The signal goes from good to nothing over and over again.  Any ideas?

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  • I have a new Belkin N1 vision router I just bought from Dell.  I have tried changing the security from WAP to WEP.  When I went to 64-bit,  was able to connect, but when I would open Internet Explorer, it said I could not connect because of the settings of my connection.

    The Axim has found the network, but cannot stay connected.  It drops then picks up the signal over and over again.  I have tried everything, including getting a replacement Axim from Dell.  It does the same thing.


  • mrshoffy

    Try these steps.

     To configure the Axim for a home wireless network connection, perform the following steps:

    1. Tap Start, and then tap Settings.
    2. The Settings window appears.
    3. Tap the Connections tab.
    4. The Connections window appears.
    5. Tap the Network Cards icon.
    6. The Configure Wireless Networks window appears.
    7. Tap the Network Adapters tab on the bottom of the window.
    8. The Configure Network Adapters window opens.
    9. Select The Internet from the drop-down menu under My network card connects to:.
    10. Tap ok until all windows disappear.