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Axim 51v is not recongnized


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Axim 51v is not recongnized

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I have new Dell Inspiron 1525 w/Vista.   Axim is plugged in to cradle.   I can hear a 'sound' of pc recongnizing.  Howver, the Axim doesn't show anywhere.  Not in Device manager, not in the Windows Device Manager, not in sync center, no where.   I spoke with Dell and the person gave up.   I also have issues with Dell's Datasafe program.  That software fails to upgrade itself.   I won't get into why my Epson printer, that worked o' so well before Vista, doesn't work well now.   Sorry to burden you with my rant, but Dell has not, they have tried, but not successfully. 


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  • Barry

     Download and install the Windows Mobile Device Center.

  • Jimmy P, thanks for responding.  I downloaded the WMDC at least 10 times, with Dell assisting the reinstall.  The WMDC doesn't recognize the Axim.   The PC does, because I can hear a ding sound when I put the pda in or take outt the pda from the cradle.   The pda does not show up in Device Manager, either.    Next idea.....

  •   Mine works fine, you might try the tips here. If you can hear the ding when you plug it in then something is blocking it.