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Axim X51v - wireless not working


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Axim X51v - wireless not working

  • Hi Forum,


    I have a X51v and used to use the built-in WiFi adapter. For some weeks it does no longer work properly; it seems not aquire any DNS server automatically. 

    The physical link exists, I can ping my gateway and I can also ping internet sites when I enter the IP address rather than the URL.


    Still I cannot use the internet from any program (IE or active sync). Whenever I need to connect to the Internet I get the message:

    "Cannot connect with current connection settings. Tho change your connection settings tap Settings". 


    When I do so I am only offered several modem connections for "My ISP" and "My Work" but not for Internet.

    The help page says that I should alternatively use the "Network Cards" setup .


    There I sag My network card connects to: "The Internet" and then I try to configure my "Dell Axim X51 WLAN Wireless adapter". But I always get a pop-up message saying:

    "The new settings will be applied the next time the adapter is used. If the adapter is currently in the device, remove and reinsert the adapter to apply the seetings."


    How should I do that? It's built in !!!

    Is there any other way to configure the adapter?



    Best thanks in advance for you inputs.




  • Hello Blauegras

    I am having the exact same problem. I have noted the date of your post and wonder if I have missed a solution? Anything as yet?