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wi fi connections - help please


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wi fi connections - help please

  • I have had my dell axim for several years and it is part of my organization and "living" arsenal.


    That is why the problem I have caused myself is so vexing!

    I had to install a new router on my desktop with a new network name and password. Now I have lost my connectivity with my axim wi fi. I have probably compounded the problem by trying every possible combination of "solution" to restore the connectivity. The best I can say is that the axim does pick up the network name but after that I don't know how to proceed.


    Any advice is welcome and appreciated.




  • Hello Bostiprince

    I note your problem you had with your axim not connecting to the internet. I am having the same problem and looking for a solution did you ever find one??

    Regards Pushnet

  • Bostiprince

    Try following these instructions. It would help if we knew some details like the Brand and model of router, model of Axim, and what you have tried so far.