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X51v WiFi connection can not be made


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X51v WiFi connection can not be made

  • I have a recently acquired X51v and can not connect with WiFi. I get the error message, "Cannot connect with current connection settings. To change your connection settings, tap Settings, etc. I have the owners manual, I have looked on this site and the Axim site but none of it makes sense to me. Being the computer dummy that I am, can anyone offer me a step by step procedure that I can understand.

    Thank you

  • That error message comes up in IE when there is a connection problem. First, you must enable the wireless adapter. Can you verify that your wireless adapter is working and receiving a wifi signal?
  • I push the button on the side and the green light blinks and it shows my wireless network along with others that I can select from. When I hilight my wireless network it says that it is searching for it but it never confirms that it finds it.

    The status bar continues to say Scanning network, and Connecting to Network no matter which wireless network I select.

  • I'm not sure that "selecting" a wireless network does anything. My guess is that the PDA searches through all wifi networks on the list, regardless of what is selected.


    Also, what is the signal strength on the Site tab?


    Another thing - could your AP be filtering out your PDA? If MAC filtering is turned on, you'll need to add your PDA's MAC address to the AP's list.

  • The signal strength is "good" on my network and poor on what must be my neighbor's around me.


    What is my "AP", MAC filtering, MAC address, and my AP list. I have limited computer skills and am not sure what these terms mean or where to find them.


    I really appreciate your help and apologize for my lack of knowledge on this.

  • AP is access point, usually your wireless router.


    MAC filtering is a list of computers that is allowed to access the internet through your router. If your PDA's MAC address (hardware address of wireless card) is not on the list, the AP will show up on your list of available networks, but you will not be able to access the router/AP.

  • Hello Jep27

    I am having the same internet problem you describe with your axim. Did you ever get it resoved?

    Regards Pusuhnet