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  • Looking for the "Active Sync" disc to re-load on a new computer.  Any idea where I can find?
  • Just loaded the X30 myself onto my laptop. CD is 300Mb in size, happy to send copy if u cover post


  • Any chance I could get a copy of any of the original CDs that came with the X30?
  • Sure, whats your address, David

  • FDavidJH wrote:
    Sure, whats your address, David

    You are talking to me, correct? And this is not just ActiveSync, its a copy of the companion CD with the extra demo software and such, right?


    If so I'll gladly pay for the media and USPS Priority. 

  • Yes I am talking to Calyx1 and Yes it is the companion CD.
  • So did you read my PM? Any chance of uploading an ISO of the CD to somewhere?
  • Calyx, Whats your PM? and if you tell me where to load it I will load it. do u use MSN as we could try a transfer?



  • David,


    I sent you a PM, a private message. It basically asked if you would mind uploading to a site so that I could get it quicker.


    I'd recommend just using something like, you don't even need to have an account with them and you can upload files up to 1Gb in size. A 300Mb .iso file easily fits within that one upload. 


    You can just choose upload, and once its done, it will give you a link to that page. And you can pass it on to whomever.


    If you create a free account, there are a few more perks, but if you do not want to its not required.




  • Jon,

    No luck with the website I created an ISO but it wont upload any other suggesitons


  • I created an FTP account for you on my own website, should have a quota large enough to upload it to.


    I'll PM you the info, or I can email it to you.


  • HELP! Can anyone help me get ActiveSync for my DELL Axim X30?  I've only been able to find ActiveSync for Bluetooth, which I assume is not what I need for my oldish PDA.

    Thanks so much. The possibility of losing all my data is a scary thought.