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axim not update daylight savings change


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axim not update daylight savings change

  • My axim x30 will not update the daylight savings correctly.  I added Microsoft's patch for my outlook and the times are correct there, but the axim shows the times from Mar11-Apr 1 one hour early.  Any suggestions? 
  • You are absolutely correct. I'm guessing that you used the following "Fix":
    Again, do NOT use this link above!!
    Instead, use this update from 
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  • I would suggest that you dock the Axim and go through each day's appointments 1 at a time, comparing the times on the desktop to the times on the Axim and change them on the Axim as needed to make them at the correct time. You will want to start at March 11th and review all the way to the first Sunday in April.
    Not pretty or fun, but it will work.
  • Thanks for the idea - but I already tried that and it didn't work.  One of the calendars is always off by one hour (PDA is the earlier).
    I didn't yet find the link you noted in the earlier email.  What I found seemed to be for previous years - or was I missing something. 
    I appreciate any info. you have/can provide.
  • Did you uninstall the Microsoft Windows Mobile update (using Settings/Remove Programs)?  Try it then. Also try deleting the appointment and then re-creating the appointment from the handheld.
    As for the second link to Aximsite, there is a reply in that post that includes a ZIP file that contains a CAB install for the registry changes (only) needed to support the DST changes. I just tried the link again and it works.  The reply is about halfway down the page.
  • Thanks for the help...however, I downloaded the cab file to my desktop...and extracted what?
  • What I did was to uninstall the Outlook "tool" and the Handheld DST2007 (using Start/Settings/Remove Programs).  Then I installed the registry updates from the Aximsite thread in the first post in this thread.  Finally, I re-docked my handheld, deleted the few affected appointments and then re-created them.
    For me at least, that fixed the issue.  If that doesn't help you, I'm not sure what to suggest.  I have heard rumors from other tech forums that Microsoft is preparing a fix to their patch (which is becoming a recurring, necessary process for them) that is due out this week.  I'd suggest searching daily on either the Microsoft website for that or also on Aximsite.
    The only "positive" side to this fiasco is that it only affects 3 weeks of appointments.  It would be 30 times more brutal if it affected the whole year.