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X51V + Zyxel 660HW61 no WIFI connection & CF problems


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X51V + Zyxel 660HW61 no WIFI connection & CF problems

  • Hi, from many days I'm trying to configure my X51V with Zyxel 660HW61 wifi router but no luck!
    The router is working well, because I use it everyday with my notebook....
    The PDA has just been updated with the latest A01 italian ROM.
    I tried unsecure, then secure wep 64 and at last secure wep 128, but I can't get my axim connected!
    I tried also third party utilities, such as Hitchhiker & Wi-Fi Companion, but my unit refuse to connect..
    SSID is always on, Axim can "see" the router, but when it tries to connect, it says "failed"
    Tried also to reset router, but nothing happened.
    Under settings/connection/dell wlan utility/packet received I have many "Beacon", but all other values are 0 (zero) Also in trasmit packets all values are 0.
    Am I doing something wrong????
    Maybe out of theme here, but I can't copy data from memory in SD slot to Hitachi 1GB microdrive inserted in CF slot. After some files are copied, I get an error message with code 1127. The microdrive is working perfectly with my iPAQ 2210....
    Is there someone that can help me to solve the problem(s) or must I contact Dell for a defective unit?
    Thanks in advance!!!!!
  • Just a thought:

    The Axim connects using the slower B speeds of WiFi. It might be that the WiFi router is offering the higher G speeds only?

    See trouble shooting guides here: http://wifi.aximsite.com/wm5.html


  • I was thinking the same thing, but the router is 802.11g & 802.11b compliant..
    In the settings of that peripheral, I can't figure how to set b or mixed mode..
    (in the manual is explained, but in the router's settings web page the checks are.. missed!!!!! Maybe due to new roms..)

    I just upgraded to the latest firmware, but no luck at all....
    I'll contact router's support and asap I'll try another one where is possible to manage b+g :)

    What make me think, in Dell WLAN utility, Config tab, the signal quality is 0 (no signal) is this normal, even if the router is only (maybe) in g mode???

    About Compact Flash problem, do you know something?
    I know there were problems with previous firmware (A00 italian & A04 english), but now with A01 (A06) there is still something that is not working properly :(
    (at least happens to me!)

    Thanks & have a nice w.e.!!
  • Did you get it working? I am having the same problem. When I first bought my Axim, it connected fine. Then one day it quit connecting. I can see my network, but it never connects. It worked one night and not the next day. I have been to all the websites with no help. I did a hard reset with no luck. I am starting to feel stupid. This can't be this hard.
  • Have you rebooted the router? as well as the Axim??

    Have you met 2 problems? One where it stopped working. Now, after doing a hard reset you might have cleared that original problem, but it will have forgotten all access codes and passwords and security levels etc.