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Dell Will Offer Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades For the Axim X50 and X50V


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Dell Will Offer Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades For the Axim X50 and X50V

  • Dell has promised it will offer an upgrade to Windows Mobile 5.0 for the Axim X50 family when the new operating system is released this fall. The new software is expected to enable users to take advantage of several new productivity and multimedia enhancements, like updated Microsoft Office programs and Direct3D Mobile support. It also supports persistent storage capability, helping to protect against the loss of personal data and applications when batteries discharge completely.

    Dell Axim X50 and X50V customers will be able to purchase the upgrade, expected to ship during the third quarter, on compact disc. Microsoft Corp. previewed the next-generation mobile software today at its annual Mobile & Embedded DevCon (MEDC) 2005 in Las Vegas.

    It's a little humorous that Dell made a point to mention the upgrade will be done via disk. For anyone who was around the last time, Dell had severe problems with letting the update out via download. They seem intent on not making the same mistake twice. No announcement has been made by HP or other licensees at this time. :smileyhappy:

  • Correction! :smileytongue:

    HP has annouced they will offer it.

  • This is all fine and good - but, what about Dell's Axim X30 PDA's? 


  • Nope. As of now the X30 will not be offered the upgrade.
  • I completely feel betrayed and ripped off purchasing the X30 High  not even a year ago ( 10 months to be exact). The X50 came out 2-3 months after for a slightly higher price, not too much. I am so disappointed in this decision.
     I am just not someone who can throw around 300 bucks just like that.
    I very much hope Dell will reconsider and bring out an upgrade version for the X30 as well.
  • ditto, i know somone who brought a x30 3 days ago, i brought mine 3 months ago. Why should be not be supported?
    I would happily pay $50 for the CD, surely dell can see that there is a market and that users are getting put off by lack of support for the new OS on currently top market PDA's.
  • I would definetly be interested in purchasing the Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade for the Axim X30 as well.  If Dell doesn't offer it I will be highly disappointed.  I also got my X30 about 2 months before the X50 came out - and that stung enough.... but to not be able to get the Windows Mobile update will definetly turn me off from Dell.
    I still love my Inspiron 9300, but I keep my opinions of their computers separate from those of their peripherals.
    Hope you read this Dell.  If nothing else, send a survey out to those bought the X30's and see if enough are interested.
  • I've been reading the X50 only upgrade information and it ticks me off.  I don't even know what WM5.0 has, but it is the principle.  If they do this screwover, it will DEFINITELY be my last Dell purchase.
    Dell...wisen up...forget your short-term goal of selling a few more units by not providing the upgrade.  Focus on the long-term retention of customers who will buy new PDAs, Computers, Printers, LCD TVs, etc.
    We X30h owners have equipment with more than enough horsepower to handle this upgrade.  Please consider doing the right thing.
  • What I think is hilarious is the fact that this forum still has an Announcement Link at the higher level pointing us to check out Dell's NEW Axim X30!

    If it's still considered "new," then, why are we not able to receive an OS upgrade? I didn't spend $350 bucks on a PDA that would be quickly tossed aside and unsupported. While Dell still may "support" the hardware, upgrading the OS would also be a method of support which I feel the X30's can technically handle with little issue at all.

    The X30h has the memory, has the newer chipsets, and the expandibility that Mobile 5.0 can take advantage of.

    Dell - please, if you could be so kind, offer us an undestanding as to why the Axim X30 is not an upgrade candidate for Mobile 5.0... I would be interested in learning why the decision was made to limit it to just the X50 series PDA's.

  • I read somewhere that it is expected that the X30 series will be discontinued very soon, therefore no upgrade to WM 5.0. I do not know, if that's true, but it would make the"non"-upgrade logical.

    Gosh, I feel like walking in the Dark. Can't Dell be straightforward from the get-go ? 

  • I still do not think that discontinuation is a good enough excuse.  The X30 still sells well and has sold well so they want a way to strong-arm people into buying new hardware.  I may do just that in a year or so, but it won't be from Dell.  They don't respect me as a consumer (which is within their 'rights') but I will choose to do business elsewhere and remove Dell from any future purchase consideration (which is within my 'rights').
    I will also scream from the rooftops about how Dell has gone into the toilet...I will tell friends, family, clients (I'm a consultant) and anyone who will listen.  I *detest* this sort of corporate greed.
  • I Just bought my AXIM X30 6 month ago, still under warranty looks like it will keep breaking some how until we get the support we should get for it.
  • I hear you, dalydose. Six years ago I completely supported Dell and wouldn't do business with anyone else. They used high quality products and had excellent customer support. A few management changes later and they are trying to cut overhead any and every way possible. They are trying to ride the name they built for themselves years ago, but it won't last much longer. How can they be so oblivious to what their customers are saying?
  • Dell did the same thing to the DJ mp3 Gen 1 crowd, they promised a firmware update and then reneged on the promise, now they are going to turn there backs on the Axim owners (me being one of them Axim X30 High, less than a year old), to get me to buy a unit that offers nothing better than my current unit (other than the screen), well its not happening, so please Dell rethink your decision and support those who are loyal to you or you are going to find yourself with fewer and fewer customers...we are not talking about supporting a unit that is severel years old but one that you are still offering on your website today to purchase, so please remain a good and respected company  that we know you are and do the right thing, you will gain in the long run and keep us buying your products.......

    Specs Axim X30 624, Inspiron 8600 1.7, Dell DJ Gen 1 MP3 Player

  • Everyone,
                    After doing some extensive research its not just that the model is going to be discontinued it is that the hardware is not capable of handling Windows Mobile 5.0  But after reviewing the high end model of the x30 i cannot see why it could not handle it.  It uses the same processor as the x50v.