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Axim Won't Turn Off


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Axim Won't Turn Off

  • Axim won't turn off by pressing the power button.  It will turn off by itself based on time not used as selected in processor control.  But, I cannot turn it off by pressing the power button.  Also, Axim is "locking up" whenever I use the shift or directional arrows on the keyboard.  Any Suggestions?

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  • Try a soft reset first. If that does not work, back everything up, and do a hard reset. Try it out and make sure you can shut off the Axim. You can restore your data after that, and if your power button stops working after your restore, you have an issue with your data. If not, then your problem is solved.



  • thank you so very much,I'm happy once again ..vanpire_1
  • AXIM PDA will not turn off. Nothing on the keyboard works.  I read one of the problems already reported and read about the "soft reset" which I tried and I was able to get the PDA to shut off.  But, the answer given to the person that said they had the same problem as myself  was to try a soft reset and if that did not work to back-up their data - was he still able to use the key board or other programs (?) becaue my whole unit went dead.  I would not have been able to safe my data or do anything else. 

    What actually causes this problem.  I did not have any indication of low battery.  The icon in the top of the screen indicated "two arrows and an X"   I put the PDA in its cradle thinking that might solve the problem - it did not.

    I am glad the "soft reset" worked.   Thank you.  would appreciate additional info if you have it.  Again thanks.





  • An Axim is a computer, just like a PC. The software on it can crash for any number of reasons. If an application crashes, it typically won't affect the OS; but if the OS itself crashes, you have no recourse but to reset the system. If the OS and/or other parts of the startup sequence become corrupt, then you need to go back to a known good state just so you can use the thing. In Windows XP, a System Restore often does the trick. On the Axim, you need to do a hard reset, and a restore of your data (which hopefully you back up on a regular basis).
  • I have an Axim 51v that was accident washed in a swimming pool.  It did finally come back to life but the on and off button doesn't work.  Do you think I need a new battery as it seems to only run when it is in the charger?


    I really love my Axim and unfortunately I had to rescue my daughter from the pool so I didn't have time to take out the Axim. 


    Any help would be appreciated.