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Axim X30 Wi Fi connectivity


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Axim X30 Wi Fi connectivity

  • I have never had a Wi Fi connection before. I own an X30 with 802.11b & Bluetooth built in. When I go to Internet Explorer it say to set up my modem for connectivity. Do I also need a modem for my X30 to work and how do I make my connection. Another question, I had a Palm III before this and I had the software installed on my computer. All I had to do was open it up type in anything new and then sync with my Palm. I do not find anything on my computer with my X30 other than the Sync program and my backup. Am I not able to do any work on the computer then sync it to my PDA?
  • I am having the exact same trouble that you are having.  Sorry that I cannot help, but hopefully someone can help us both.  Best of luck!
  • I finally was successful connecting my Dell Axim X30 wireless to the internet.  Here's my setup:

    1. I have WOW (Wide Open West) broadband internet service.

    2. I connect to WOW using a Motorola SB5100 cable modem.

    3. I connect the Ethernet output port of the cable modem to the internet input port of a Linksys BEFW11S4 4-port wireless router.  This router has 4 wired ethernet ports, plus an 802.11 wireless ethernet port.

    4. I have the Linksys router wireless setup for 128-bit encryption, as well as the Dell Axim and a Dell laptop

    I am able to access the internet from all of my desktop PCs through wired connections.  Both my Dell laptop and my Dell Axim access using the wireless connection.  Everything now works fine.

    Good luck to you with your setup.

  • Just to let you know if you have the Axim with the built in 802.11 you do not need anything else to connect to the internet. Also to get where you can enter information on you desktop computer and enter information you need to install Outlook 2002 on the CD that comes with the Axim. It works great. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with tech support to find out this information.