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Axim X3 Questions Re: Internet Access & Adding Program


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Axim X3 Questions Re: Internet Access & Adding Program

  • Hello.  I recently purchase a new Axim X3 from Dell.  I was told it has wireless capabilities and it does.  I have read the book, contacted Dell and still am confused on how to set up for internet access.  The Dell representative wasn't very helpful after staying on hold about 13 minutes.  He said I need wireless internet, which I was not told when I bought it.  Can anyone confirm this?  After asking how to set it up if I acquire wireless internet, he could only tell me to call back if an when.  Can you tell me or direct me to specific instructions on how to set it up?


    Also, I was told you could download programs on the Axim.  This is another area I can find no help.  I have an outside mileage program I need to put on.  The Dell rep could not help me and seemed not to understand at all.  The salesman told me I could do so but the rep seemed to think you can only install Axim compatible programs.  Since it is basically a hand held pc, there should be a way to add a program. 


    I would greatly appreciate any and all help as I need both of these to work.  They are the reason I bought it after the sales talk from Dell.  Now I can do neither nor get any help.




  • I just received my Axim 3 also, but as I understand it, there is not an integrated wireless inside so we most likely have to purchase a wireless card of some kind. I am not sure yet which one, but I continue to post and research the option. Capabilities, just means possible I guess.

    I did connect the Axim 3 to my desk top via the cradle and I did get online that way, but I want to connect wirelessly, and not through my cell phone. I have a wireless network for 3 computers running now.

    If I find out I will be very happy to spread the word.


  • All,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    The Axim X3i has built in wireless, the Axim X3 does not.

    Wireless capability allows your Axim to connect to a wireless network.  Through that wireless network you should be able to connect to the internet.  If your company has a wireless network, then you should contact your Network Administrator for help with setting up your Axim on the network.  If you want to connect wirelessly at home, then you will need a wireless network at home.  A wireless router, or access point is one way to go.  You can also connect directly to your PC, if your PC has a wireless network card.  If your network, or PC is connected to the internet, then you should be able to connect your Axim to the internet.

    For help with setting up your Axim I suggest that you take a look at IkeHiker's Wifi Page.


  • Thank you for responding.  My Axim indeed does have wireless capabilities.  I was just not told that I needed a wireless computer at home or at my office for it to work or to set it up.  Iwill explore the link you sent.  Thank you for that.  What I need to know now is step by step how to set up the Axim when I do get a wireless router and I hope the link you provided will tell me.  If not, I am still open for help.

    Also, do you know how to add a program to my Axim?  Again, my Dell sales person said I could but I find no way to add an outside program.

    Thanks again,


  • Gina,

    Most applications for Windows Mobile 2003 are installed from your PC, while the Axim is synchronized to the PC.  Generally, there will be an installer for the program, and when you start the controller it will install to the Axim.  The application must be one designed for Windows Mobile 2003 or one of the earlier versions of Windows CE.  If you are looking at a program, and it has multiple versions, look for one that is for ARM, or StrongARM.  This is the version that will install on your Axim.

    Programs for desktop versions of Windows (98, XP, etc) will not install on Windows Mobile 2003.  If you have a specific program that you want to use, check with the software vendor to see if they offer a version for PDAs, many do.