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touchscreen trouble with my dell axim x5


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touchscreen trouble with my dell axim x5

  • I am having continual lockup and touchscreen issues with my axim. It seems to lock on startup when a reminder pops up. I have tried resets (both types) numerous times with no relief. It is a problem that was happening sporatically, but now it is almost all the time. At first, it seemed to be continual screen alignment issues. And, when I do finally get the touchscreen to respond, it does need to be realigned. But it is getting to the point where that is becoming harder and harder to do.

    Power seems to be fine. Not sure about coverage, since it is a company PDA.

    I rely on this for all scheduling, and I do a lot of scheduling on the run.


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  • dsedor,

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    Email and find out if it is still under warranty and have it replaced.

  • There are a number of other threads concerning this issue on this forum, as well as at  The problem may be something as simple as a bit of dirt getting between the case and screen, but read through the other symptoms first before attempting one of the suggested cures, some of which involve opening the case (and voiding any warranty that's left--be forwarned!) I had nearly given up in frustration and found that a cure is possible, so don't lose hope. Research! My problem went away after a bit of light cleaning on the inside.


  • If your Axim is within 21 days, I would suggest replacement. Wait for the new Axim and then send in your original back.
  • This is a very common problem with the Axim. I have had one Axim X5 replaced under warranty for touch screen problems and now the replacement Axim's touch screen is going bad. Unfortunately, Dell does not restart the warranty when they replace a bad Axim, so my relatively new one is out of warranty and Dell wants $159 to replace the machine.

    Dell obviously knows about the problem as there are numerous complaints about it on all of the Axim forums, but they are ignoring these complaints and choosing to cheat their customers instead.

    I'd say the chances of Dell addressing this issue are nil, so we'd be foolish to pay the $159 or buy another Dell product in the future as it will only fail and cost us more money than we paid for the product.

    Dell should tell you how much the product costs initially and then what it will cost you in the long run due to problems and their unwillingness to take the blame for putting out unreliable products.

  • Well, that depends on the problem, and the causes. In my case, the problem was probably due to not keeping the screen clean on a regular basis, though I was pretty sure I had.  And I'm sure there are dozens of other causes for screen freezes, but I would bet that 90% of them are related to dust and dirt interfering with the touch screen-–and are thus user servicable. Dell can't tell you that, of course, because they cannot go on record sanctioning home repairs on their devices, especially when it involves cracking the case.  But in fact, it's really not that hard to do and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a new device.  Believe me, I was cursing Dell for a while there too, until I realized how easy this problem was to solve. But, that's just my opinion. Actual miles may vary.

  • I hope you have release / vented your fustration by your comment.
    This problem, I would consider this normal as to all product related to touch screen. It unavoidable for DELL / HP / Compaq / Asus / Palm etc.... You can jump ship and try other. That problem may come sooner or later.
    Regarding warranty, if still in warranty, have it reservice but since you indicate it out of warranty and your Axim does not work properly, you have nothing really to lose but try to open the case and see if you can bush off some dust / tight some connect etc... and reassemble back and see if it work or not. The end result is up to you.
  • I owned a Palm for 5 years and it never had this problem. Dell needs to step up and take responsibility.
  • My original ship Palm have screen issue and got replace. Last for about three month [I think].
    Then I use replacement Palm III upto almost 10 yrs... it eventually have screen problem. I also have IPaq 6315 and it cost my employer pretty penny. I let other worker use it and got myself an Axim X30H instead. Eventually the 6315 have screen problem. 6315 have everything I need but it bulky and slow.  The IPaq 6315 other feature like intergate camera and phone that Axim do not have.

  • You shouldn't have to put up with a non-working device when the repair is simple.  There is, in my opinion, a flaw in the case design, which can cause problems characterized by erratic screen behaviour.  Understanding the cause will, in turn, make repair for this simple.  I am disappointed that Dell does not provide more comprehensive solutions for this problem, even though thry might not be able to implement them themselves.  In the meantime, visit the Axim page of for some suggestions that could help.



  • My Dell X3 screen started acting erratically, and became less and less reliable, until it finally stopped accepting any input at all.  I called Dell support, they asked me to remove the plastic screen protector, and it worked.

    Turns out the screen protector was a little bit under the frame of the case, and it kept the input from working.

    Make sure to remove your screen protector if you have any such problems.

  • See if you can clean your "Screen Protector" and see if it will have the problem again.
  • Dell must not want to R&D the lowly AX-5, not enough return on the investment