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2000FP dying?


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2000FP dying?

  • I have a Dell 20" flat panel that a purchased in april is starting to flicker and blank out. I checked all the cables, bought a new video card, changed resolutions and more. The only thing that seems to work is when I chnage out the monitor - unfortunity it is a 15"!!!!

    Anyone seen this problem with the 2000FP?

  • If you bought it in April it should still be under warranty. Contact Dell Support for a replacement.

    I've got to get a replacement for mine too (not a 2000FP). Mine is only a month old and it has lost horizontal sync.

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  • My 2000FP screen goes black every 5 to 10 minutes or so once it has warmed up for a half hour or so.   I have to turn it off for a few minutes and then turn it back on to get an image back up.

    Dell Tech support  was not very helpful debugging - I replaced my video card at Dell's suggestion but my cost, changed/checked the power source, tested the monitor etc.  I spent at least 3+ hours with Dell tech support.    Only when I dragged home a friends monitor was it clear that the 2000FP was history and Dell would agree that there was a problem with the monitor.   Even with this information Dell tech support ran me through a manager to OK the swap out.

    Note - Dell customer support and tech support based in India is extremely poor - Worth waiting until you can talk to someone in the states to resolve an issue.


  • I am having the same problem with a refurbed Dell 2000FP monitor.  Once it warmed up, it would flicker and flip back then I could see lines on the screen.  Is it actually dying?
  • It is so difficult to communicate with Dell Technical Support.  They aren't really willing to replace the monitor because it's been past 30 days and they claim to only take care of products that came with the computer (which is not applicable in my case).

    How did you get your flat panel replaced?  I've had no luck so far talking to the representatives (based in India).


  • I notice my 2000FP have started to flicker maybe 5 times during the past 3 days.  I have my 2000FP since OCT 2002. 
  • My 2000FP have stop flickering after I put back the critical upgrade Q811493 for Windows XP.  Also, I reinstall the ATI driver for my 9800 Radeon card, but I didn't use the Dell 9800 Radeon driver.  I went to ATI website and downloaded the driver from there and everything was working fine.

  • I was finally able to arrange for a replacement monitor when a second technician responded to my original email request.

    I don't really understand why one person would decline the request and another would approve it, but who knows.  Anyway, if any of you are trying to get a monitor replaced under warranty, email support@dell.com and be prepared to explain to be persistent!

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  • My 18-month old 2000FP started dying last month when the screen would blank out and the controls would cease to operate.  The first Tech Support agent claimed the monitor had a 90-day warranty.   I dug out my paperwork and found that it had a 3-year warrenty (Dell Branded Peripherals purchased separately from system)!  I called back and after waiting on hold for 1.5 hour got a replacement shipped.

    However, the replacement monitor wouldn't even power on.  Completely DOA.  Called again and requested a new monitor, not a rebuilt.  They sent another replacement, but it was a rebuilt too!  It lasted 2 days.   Then, screen started blanking out after 20 seconds once the system was warmed up.  The rebuild people seem to be incapable of testing the quality of the rebuilt systems!  I'm trying to escalate the problem but get no promised call back at this point.

    After spending $1600 on this monitor I'm certainly not a deligted customer!

  • I had to email them to get a warranty replacement (they would not even speak to me about warranty replacements on the phone because they claimed they only handle up to 30 days).  Who did you end up calling?  We should make a reference website with this information so other monitor customers have some recourse!

    When I emailed them the first time they claimed that I was outside my 30 days so they would not replace the monitor.  I emailed them back and said "No, there is a 3 year warranty on this product and I fully expect you to ship out a replacement."  They agreed, and then I told them I would need to wait two weeks while I get my new address.  They said it would be no problem.

    I contacted them after two weeks and we went through the same process of "Sorry, it's past 30 days!"  Keep in mind that at this point I already have an email trail and an ticket number, AND it was the same person who agreed to my request originally.  I again said "sorry, it's a 3 year warranty" and they finally replaced it.

    My friend went through the same issue and he got a unit that was fuzzy and had lines all over it.  They apparently don't check these monitors very well.

  • Sounds like a trend!  I must be 'lucky' since I goth Tech Support (eventually) to ship 2 replacements -- next day delivery too.  Too bad the replacements don't work :(

    I ended up calling the Tech Support number for home systems and didn't go further down the call tree.  One problem is that monitors don't carry their own service tag.  It really helps to have the Order # for the original monitor purchase available.  Don't try to ask for Peripheral support since Monitors are not listed as peripherals in the call tree! 

    Stay at the upper level of the call tree -- don't give out a service tag for a PC system if you purchased the monitor separately (it will ask 3 times for a Tag and then route you to a human being when you don't reply.)  And have both your Customer # and Order # available.

  • Sounds like the same circus I had to go through to get to talk to someone about the monitor to begin with.  The customer service rep and/or technical services rep would always ask for the sevice tag number, no matter how many times I tried to tell him I did not purchase the monitor with a system.

    I just gave up on the phone and emailed them instead.  I dislike being on hold for too long anyway.

  • My 2000FP developed a 1.5 x 2.0 inch rectangle in the upper left hand portion which grew to a 4x5 box. Dell agreed to swap it out but I havent received the new monitor -

    Is it something with the 2000FP screens - I use it for my work and wanted to get another one but after reading this thread am concerned about buying another one.

    How can I tell if I am getting a new one or a re-built?



  • They promised me a new one too (TWICE!) but always sent me a refurbished unit.  You will be able to tell, the box should say it's a refurbished unit.  It won't have that plastic sheet on the front of the screen either.

  • Funny -- as mine was dying I had the 1.5 x 2" rectangle problem as well.  It grew and then the controls just stopped working.

    The delivery box has a label that says "Refurbished Monitor".   Beware!  I'm not sure how much of a problem there is with the new monitors but definitely stay awar from refurbished because there seems to be no quality control there...