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monitor wont come out of power save mode


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monitor wont come out of power save mode

  • My monitor will not come out of power-save mode. After 5 minutes it shuts down the monitor to where the green indicator light just blinks green.
    i started having problems with it, every once in a while it wouldn't want to come out of power-save mode. Now every single time it gets stuck in the power-save mode.

    I've set it to wait longer before it goes into power-save mode but i still want to know why its doing this. The only way to get it out of this power-save mode is to restart the computer. Turning off the monitor doesn't work. it just comes back on in the same mode.

    The monitor is a 17" but i dont know the exactl model number.

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  • Justin I have the exact same problem. Please let me know if you get an anwser. Lately its been happening more ofen.

  • Juztin180,

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    Why will my monitor not recover from sleep mode?


    If the system has been on for more than an hour, it is possible the screen will go blank with a blinking amber light on the monitor. Pressing any key on the keyboard or moving the mouse should restore the system. If it does not, the Power Management should be disabled.


    To disable the power management in Windows®, perform the following steps:

    Turn off the system. If the system will not power down, depress and hold the power button in for 6 seconds, or until the system power light turns off.
    Power the system back on.
    Microsoft® Scandisk will run before Windows 98 appears.
    Allow Microsoft Scandisk to proceed (it may take a couple of minutes).
    Once in Windows, click the Start button, point to Settings, then click Control Panel.
    Double-click on the Power Management icon.
    Under the Power Schemes tab, change the setting for Turn off hard disks to Never by clicking on the .
    Click on OK .
    For help with Windows 98 functions, click the Start button, then click Help. When the Help menu opens, click the Index tab. Type in a key word to find the desired task you need help with.

    For help with specifics on your Dell system or additional troubleshooting support, search the "Support Your Dell" at the Dell Web site. Dell provides you with the troubleshooting tools to resolve most any problem.

  • well, thats all fine and dandy, I did take it off power-save mode. But that still doesn't fix the problem.

    I payed good money for my computer, it should work correctly.Telling me to just disable it doesnt fix the problem at all, it just finds a way around it. Thats not what im looking for. I want to know why it does this and how to FIX it.


  • I also have the problem. I set all power saving modes to "never" but the problem persists. I suddenly have a blank screen and a blinking power light on the monitor. I emailed Dell tech support. I'll post here if I ever get a solution.

  • Man this problem is alot bigger than I thought! I just figured I have a settings problem that could be fixed pretty easy. I guess not.

  • I have read everything that is on this page.  I must agree with everyone.  I have disabled everything in power management and I still have the problem. I have IT guys at my job wanting to reformat me and I feel it isn't the hard drive or the data on it. I think it has something to do with the video card. So I updated my video card drivers and I still have the problem.  No one else in the office is experiencing this problem.  I have uninstalled just about every program from my computer trying to track down the culprit.  I have also gone into msconfig and shut down all my startup programs.  Still no luck. I hope someone has the answer soon, because I don't know how much more my hard drive can take.
    by the way - I have a GX270 optiplex.  I am getting ready to update the BIOS from A01 to A06. I have a regular Dell montior nothing fancy that came with the system.  The video card that is installed on my computer is Intel Extreme Graphics Technology 2.  Windows XP pro w/ SP2 loaded up.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics drivers.   I can't think of anything else. 
    Help, anyone!  Thanx,