power save mode Trinitron


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power save mode Trinitron

  • The Trinitron 17 Monitor...says Information
    Monitor is in Power Save Mode Activate using PC
    This appears when everything is plugged in ..and turned on. Can't find anywhere to Get the directions on how to activate using PC.
  • My monitor gets stuck in power save mode? The screen stays black. I cannot reactivate pc. Please help?
  • I am having the same problem with 3 Dells so if we can get a rep here
    to let us know what's up with this please let us know. Also, ALL the
    powersave features in W95 AND the BIOS are DISABLED.

  • I'm having the same problem with my Optiplex Desktop, did you get a resolution to this problem?

  • Did ANYONE get an answer from Dell on what this probelm is - or how to fix it??

  • Trinitron Monitor is in Power Save Mode - Activate using PC.

    Can anyone tell me how to get out of this?


  • We had similar problems with two of the thirty-five flat panels that were purchased in August.
    After switching out most parts with working computers, we determined that the problem was the video card.
  • Did anyone find a solution for this?  My monitors are still stuck in power save mode.
  • Were you running ME or 2000?
  • NT
  • cjovalle, what operating system were you running when you discovered it to be the video card?

    I'm running ME and lots of people tell me it's unstable and probably has something to do with that.

  • We are running Windows XP Professional.
    The instability of the operating system, however, probably isn't the first thing to check. Does anything come up at all when you start the computer? (If the BIOS doesn't even come up, it's probably not the OS.)
    Do you have any other computers with similar configurations, or if not similar configurations then the analog/digital video card? We had to do a few things to narrow it down that far. Assuming the broken computer is Computer A and a working computer is Computer B, here's a short version of what we tested:
    -Checked the A B C D error codes on the back (all lights green)
    -Used Computer B's monitor with Computer A. (Did not work)
    -Used Computer A's monitor with Computer B. (Worked, so the problem wasn't the monitor).
    -Reseated the processor (didn't work)
    -Switched the memory from Computer A with known working memory from Computer B (didn't work)
    -Reseated the on-switch and power cables to the system board, in case it was switch related (didn't work)
    -Put Computer A's hard drive in Computer B (worked, so not the hard drive)
    -Used Computer B's video card in Computer A (monitor worked -> probably the video card)
    -Used Computer A's video card in Computer B (monitor didn't work -> probably the video card).
  • We did get the monitor to work but don't know why.  Here's how: 

    We plugged in another monitor and still nothing happened - only a black screen this time.

    We worked with it for a while, rebooting, unplugging, etc.  Gave up, shut it off for the night.

    Got up the next morning, turned it on and viola - it worked!  We shut it down, plugged the old

    monitor back up, booted up and viola - it worked.  This is the second time this has happened and

    this is the way we fixed it both times.  It doesn't make sense.

    Thanks for the advice anyway. 

  • yea, have the same problem with our E171FP Dell flat panel. right out of the box...it's in Power Save...and I have yet to set up our other brand new system too, but if this one won't work, then why bother. 

    I am awaiting an answer and am discouraged to see that DellSupport didn't even reply to this thread yet.  What a crock. I'll send both new systems back tomorrow unless I get an answer today.

  • good luck.  i've had the problem on my computer (it's a computer i don't use all that much) for a few months now.  dell doesn't seem to know how to fix it.  jesse (the moderator) mentions a couple solutions but none of them work.  i haven't heard from him since.