Display size for a Dell P110 Trinitron Monitor


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Display size for a Dell P110 Trinitron Monitor

  • I have tried everything somebody please help me!  How can I adjust the display to cover the entire screen?  The display is visible from top to bottom but there is an inch or two gap on either side.  I tried using the monitor controls to spread the display to cover the entire screen but it still does not go all the way.  I bought this big size screen and the display does not even cover the whole monitor?????
  • Sorry left out a number "1" in the Subject line
  • It should re size when you push the auto centering and resize button, second from the left. If not, push the first button (reset) on the left, then push the auto sizing button if needed.

    Your users guide:


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  • 1. What operating system are you using?

    2. Did you try to load/install or re-install the .inf, .icm, and .cat files for the P1110?

    3. Do you have the proper drivers for your video card installed?