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UP2716D with a color variations on the corners


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UP2716D with a color variations on the corners

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We have 4 monitors, 2 purchased in July 2016 and 2 in October 2017, the same model, and all of then with the same problem when we set in Color Spaces mode, like Adobe RGB. (see attachment)

Top left corner with a cyan color and the right side with a magenta color, visible when we fill the screen with white color.

We made lots of tests with 2 different PCs, NVidia GTX 1080, all ports, Dp-mDP and HDMI cables.

We made the same test in a macbook Pro using HDMI cable. The same problem.

Doesn't matter the source of the video signal, every time we have the same problem.

Doesn't matter the cable we are using also.

The problem is consistent in all monitors.

We made the Built-In Diagnostic to detect color variation, and it's visible on grey screen and white screen as well (see attachment).

So, we eliminate all variables mainly because the problem is visible on BID. So looks like it`s a factory flaw or something like that.

How could you help me with that problem?

Please, see attachments.


Daniel Sian

Serial numbers:




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Adobe RGB Color Space:

Built-In Diagnostics grey color:

Built-In Diagnostics white color:

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  • Based on those BID pictures, they pass our manufacturer specifications for color and overall uniformity. You will need to purchase calibration hardware (colorimeter) and software. Then calibrate them through the colorimeter and software to get the closest match possible.

  • When I calibrate it, I supose the monitor will be automatically in Custom Color, not in Adobe RGB anymore, which is the reason why I bought this specific model of monitor. That does not make any sense for me, because I need to use it in Adobe RGB.

    How to calibrate Adobe RGB without jump to Custom Color?

    Could you advise me how to calibrate only the top-left-corner in order to remove the cyan color?

    And also the bottom-right-corner, in order to remove the magenta color?


  • Read through this and this as guides. Read this. For optimal color accuracy when using Preset Modes Color Space, sRGB or Adobe RGB, in the OSD (On Screen Display) -Color, set Zonal Color Space to Off. Open Display and verify that UC (Uniformity Compensation) is set to Off.