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U2713H is End-of-life sales as well as Support replacement RMA?


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U2713H is End-of-life sales as well as Support replacement RMA?

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There are so many complaints about this U2713H firmware A06,  A10.11, drivers, DDM, X-Rite, Dell System Detect, USB 3.0 up streaming ports! All with hardware and application errors and not working!

A month ago, my U2713H screen display turns color "Pink" and I also done a "Monitor Self-Test"; https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/sln297003/how-to-use-and-troubleshoot-the-dell-u2413-and-u2713h-monitors?lang=en. The said pink was problematic and to RMA!

The Dell Support Hotline 1-800-280-3355 did not honor my unexpired warranty? What reputation to say that it is end-of-life (means only "factory cease production") as well as RMA/replacement (all are used and refurnished)! 

It is NOT true end-of-life for RMA/replacement because they are used and refurnished U2713H! I told them that RMA is possible regardless of end-of-life. Yet, they refused to give me U2713H as RMA. In fact, and as we know, because of so many customers complaints on U2713H that may result end-of-life!  Then why Dell cannot replace/RMA my refurnished monitor lying around and what about those unsold ones?

Next, I did not expect Support to "push" me to accept a cheaper monitor (2/3 price of U2713H) with lower specs; I am short change of money! How can Dell had such another bad manners and reputation. I think it should be good to offer a better/upgrade model to "heal" the pain caused to me and also to other customers too! Very angry. Dell support is very bad to me! Why? Since the day I purchased in late 2013, I failed to get RMA/replacement successfully until my said monitor turns "pink". I cannot keep further. My warrant is 5 years and expiring soon in year 2018. Beware, why Dell is not good to me? Will Dell please reply because my huge emails was "junk" to Dell and never answer to my direct questions! Will Dell take action against Dell Support because of my complaints?

Thank you. 

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  • Dell is well within legal rights to substitute a different model. Escpecially for a 2013 model. If Support said that we did not have any in stock, then they will find the closest match (size, ports, resolution, etc.) of currently selling monitors. This is well within the Dell Policies and Legal jurisdiction of the purchased warranty.