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U2417HJ - Intermittently Won't Wake From Sleep


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U2417HJ - Intermittently Won't Wake From Sleep

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We purchased approximately 400 U2417HJ monitors directly from Dell for deployment to our call center. We've discovered an issue with the monitors where they occasionally do not wake from sleep. Sometimes this occurs when the computer is restarted. The computer will be working, and will then be restarted by selecting Restart from within Windows. The computer shuts down, but when it comes back up, the display does not detect the video signal coming from Windows. Power cycling the monitor twice will sometimes fix the issue; other times the power cord has to be removed from the monitor and reconnected to resolve the issue.

I've reproduced this wake from sleep issue on both our Dell Wyse 7040 Thin Client as well as on a Lenovo T440 laptop on a Lenovo dock. Both times we were using DisplayPort cables. I also reproduced this issue when sharing a monitor between a Lenovo laptop on a dock and an HP workstation. When changing the input to the HP, staying there for a few minutes then switching back to the Lenovo laptop, the monitor wouldn't detect video from the laptop. Ctrl Alt Delete or other mouse and keyboard inputs wouldn't wake the monitor; I had to turn it off and back on a few times to get it to come back.

This is mainly a problem on the Wyse thin clients. They're used in our call center. We have 3 monitors connected to a thin client using DisplayPort chaining. If the monitor goes to sleep because either the computer is shut down or there isn't a computer present, it doesn't always come back when a computer is connected or powered up. All of the details are below.

Is there anything we can do for this? A firmware update? We have a LOT of these monitors, and I would hate to have to RMA them.


  • Dell U2417HJ
  • Example serial number: CN-0RXP1N-74261-65D-0EJS-A00 (we also have some that are A01)
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 60Hz


  • Dell Wyse 7040 Thin Client
  • Intel Graphics 530 - Driver
  • BIOS Version 1.3.0
  • Windows 7 Standard Embedded
  • Windows Power Plan is High Performance - all sleep and hibernate is disabled, PCI-e Link State is Off


  • Thin Client DisplayPort > mDP In > DP Out > DP In (2nd monitor) > DP Out (2nd monitor) > DP In (3rd monitor)
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  • Because of your business contract with Dell and the number of monitors involved, you will need to contact your Dell TAM (Technical Account Manager). They will then gather the data and escalate the issue.

    One thing to test while onsite is to set all of them to DisplayPort 1.2 "Enable" in the OSD (On Screen Display) -Display Settings. Then re-test.

  • Thanks for the reply, Chris. I've tried the DP 1.2 settings and it doesn't seem to help.

    My coworker spoke to our TAM and the TAM said we need to open a support ticket so he can work on it from his end. The only way I could find to open a support ticket was to call 1-800-456-3355. After speaking with them, they were more interested in the computer that I'm connecting to (the Wyse thin client) and not the monitor. They wanted to transfer me to the Wyse team. We're having issues with these monitors across multiple platforms (Wyse TC, Lenovo laptop, HP workstation), so I don't think it's a computer issue. How can I get a support ticket started so our TAM can work on this?

  • The TAM should be able to use the SR number created by Support (1-800-456-3355) to escalate on his side of things?

  • I didn't get an SR number because they kept punting me to a desktop machine group. I called that number you listed and they said they were the OptiPlex/whatever team, and couldn't help me unless I had one of those products. I said I was using a Dell Wyse, and they wanted to send me to the Wyse team. It seems they wanted to troubleshoot from the computer side, when the problem is not with the computer, it's with the monitor. I have an HP workstation sitting next to me that every time I log off of Windows, the monitor goes to sleep. I have to pull the power cord or power cycle the monitor 2-3 times to get it to wake up. Same monitor using DisplayPort. Tried with 1.2 on and off, same issue. I've updated to the latest HP display drivers available, same problem. I'm convinced the monitor goes to sleep too quickly or doesn't properly wake up when in sleep mode, but I don't know how to get anything done about it. Is there someone who can just open a case for me? Can I send an email? Web chat? The phone people just want to bounce me around.

  • The TAM needs to contact Support for you to get the ball rolling. Give the TAM your Dell Customer number, Order numbers for the monitors, etc. He needs to use his Dell internal tools to contact the correct L2 Team.