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U3014, Windows 10, DDM?


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U3014, Windows 10, DDM?

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What is the latest DDM version for Win 10 64-bit for my Dell U3014

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  • While holding down the SHIFT key, right-click on the DDM system tray icon and select "Check for new version" from the popup menu. If one is available for your monitor and OS you'll be prompted to download and install it.

  • No DDM installed on my 7020SFF Win 10 64-bit  at the moment... just got my U3014  refurbed yesterday

  • The latest version is here: www.delldisplaymanager.com/ddmsetup.exe

  • If that latest version does install and work, let me know.

    According to these notes, we never released a Windows 10 version listing the U3014 as compatible.

    When I go to the U3014 driver page and choose Windows 10, no DDM.

    If I change to Windows 7/8/8.1, I see DDM (ddmsetup1450.exe).

    If I change to Windows Vista, I see DDM (ddmsetup1260.exe).

  • Yeeeesss !!!... it install and worked with Win10 64-bit  on my 7020SFF  with U3014 as suggested by Swamped using the latest DDM setup....www.delldisplaymanager.com/ddmsetup.exe

  • DDM was running in the morning and shut down computer. When I turn this on this afternoon, it no longer worked! I got this message, "Dell Display Error.This program requires a supported Dell Monitor and connection and compatible display driver.".

  • After you installed that version of DDM, did immediately you restart the computer when it was finished installing and then test it?

    Or was your shutdown from the morning to turning it on in the afternoon the very 1st reboot after installing that version of DDM?

  • My  shutdown from the morning to turning it on in the afternoon the very 1st reboot after installing that version of DDM?,,,, and it no longer works no matter i tried. I just uninstall the DDM from my 7020SFF

  • is there a workaround to start the program ?

  • Check your U3014 OSD and make sure DP1.2 or MST is *disabled*. These early DP1.2 models did not support DDC/CI with MST.

    Also make sure DDC/CI is enabled in the OSD.

  • DP1.2  is disabled in OSD

  • Then its a display driver issue - make sure you have the latest. And make sure the cable is securely connected on both ends.

  • Installed the latest video drivers for U3014  from Dell Drivers page and used the Dell supplied OEM DisplayPort to DisplayPort video cable.

  • I have installed DDM 1887 version  and during install, it asked if i want the latest update and i reject and continue the install of 1887 version and now its working again even after a restart of 7020SFF

  • So stay with the working 1887. Based on your troubleshooting, the newer version is not compatible with your system and the U3014.