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P2715Q only showing 78% coverage of sRGB gamut


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P2715Q only showing 78% coverage of sRGB gamut

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I bought a P2715Q last week because I wanted a good 4K IPS monitor that could support the whole sRGB color space.

I color calibrated the monitor tonight and no matter what setting I set on the display itself, my calibration results always show that the monitor only covers 78% of the sRGB color space. I cannot use this monitor if that is all it offers.

Can someone please offer me some advice about what I might be doing wrong or if the settings need to be set a certain way? I factory reset the monitor and then only adjusted the brightness to dial down the brightness of the monitor. Then, using a Spyder5 Pro calibration tool and process, calibrated the monitor to 120 cd/m2 and D65. The calibration report ends by telling me the monitor only covers 78% of the sRGB color gamut.

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  • If you installed the DDM (Dell Displays Manager), you should uninstall it and re-test. Once uninstalled, re-calibrate. Just to verify, the OSD (On Screen Display) -Color -Input Color Format is set to RGB. Then the Preset Modes is set to Standard. Then you calibrated?

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    Thank you for the response, Chris.

    I did not install DDM. I have tried resetting the monitor to factory defaults multiple times and my results are actually worsening. There is no software installed and I am trying to calibrate this using a Spyder5Pro colorimeter and calibration software. This is in Mac OS X 10.12.6 through a Mini DP connection using the Dell-supplied default cable. The resolution is set to 3008x1692 @30Hz, although I have tried a variety of resolutions.

    I was previously trying to get the monitor to a D65 white balance but subsequently left it at the native setting. I have also tried varying the resolution of the monitor, and I have also tried varying the RGB values under the Custom Color settings. None of those things yielded an improvement in my color space coverage. 

    Currently, the results of my latest configurations, after resetting the display to factory parameters and only change the preset mode (Standard or Custom Color), I can only achieve 61% of sRGB under Custom and 57% of sRGB under Standard.

    I am at a loss and coming to the conclusion that I must have a faulty monitor. How can I start an Advance Exchange process?

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    Standard color response

  • It could be a problem with the actual display. I have now had the OSD start to malfunction and the buttons on the display not work as intended (when I select something with the upper button, the option right below it gets selected, once an option is selected with the arrow buttons, the OSD cycles without ned through the options and the buttons become unresponsive). I am trying to return it for an exchange.

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