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U2415, DDM (Dell Display Manager), error not connected


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U2415, DDM (Dell Display Manager), error not connected

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Hello to all,

I have a monitor Dell U2415 recently. I have a computer desktop windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Dell Display Manager tells me that the monitor is not connected. Then it worked for a few days. And then he stopped working again. I also downloaded the updated version, but the result was the same. What could be the problem? I connected the monitor to the PC via HDMI cable.

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  • * Turn the monitor and computer off
    * Connect the monitor USB 3.0 upstream cable to the monitor USB upstream port and the other end to a computer USB port
    * Turn the monitor on, then the computer
    * Once into Windows, restart the computer
    * Re-test DDM

  • OK thanks

    I have to do this to the technician.

    Hope next week.

    Thank you

  • Sorry,

    but why does it sometimes work and sometimes not?

  • No idea. It could be the operating system losing the signal to the monitor, then getting it back. Or dropping the USB connection to the monitor.

  • I wouldn't think this has anything to do with USB; DDM communicates over the HDMI cable and doesn't require or use USB.

    Its more likely to be a display driver issue - make sure you have the latest, and that the HDMI cable is securely connected to both the PC and the monitor. If possible change the HDMI cable on the off chance its been crimped.

  • Swamped,

    Thanks for the assist!

  • Hello,

    for sure the drivers were to be updated because the "Movies and Tv" application of windows 10 did not work. Now that I update the drivers it works.

    What do you mean by: "If possible change the HDMI cable on the off chance its been crimped"??.

    Another thing,
    how do you start DDC when Windows starts?
    Because when I click on the link does not open right away, it only starts between the system icons.

  • If you can't get it to work by updating drivers, try using a different HDMI cable.

    And by design there is a 60 second delay after Windows starts before DDM starts to allow all other apps and drivers to initialize.

  • No, it does not start with Windows DDM.

    Drivers are up to date.

    I will have to mount the soundbar in the week and I will review the cables as you suggested.

    The fact remains that DDM does not start with windows. I have to click on the icon and so appears between the system icons. Then I have to click again to open it.

    Suggestions in this regard?

  • While holding down the SHIFT key, right-click on the DDM system tray icon and make sure "Auto-load at startup" is checked.

  • It has been selected.
    Watch the screen,
    is listed in the "Startup" section of "task management".

  • English please...

  • sorry

  • This is really a Windows problem since DDM cannot start itself - either (a) you start it manually or (b) you have Windows start it automatically.

    Since (a) seems to work but (b) doesn't, you need to figure why an app that Windows shows as starting isn't starting. Did you install DDM to the default location? Or uninstall it so Windows is trying to start it from a location where it no longer exists?

    After restarting Windows and before anything else check Task Manager to see if DDM is running in the list of background processes.

    If it is, check Windows Settings >  Personalization > Taskbar > Select which icons appear on the taskbar,  and turn "Always show all icons..." to On.

    If it isn't, start DDM manually and then while holding down the SHIFT key, right-click on the DDM system tray icon and make sure "Auto-load at startup" is checked.

  • The problem was windows, yes.

    And the problem concerned high privileges.

    So (a friend of mine) had to create basic activities, so plan a business.

    It was not easy but with a guide you can.

    Now it starts, but its boot time remains "not measured" as it was from a screen previously posted.

    But that's fine