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Dust behind LCD


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Dust behind LCD

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Hi again,

  From previous post dell sent a replacement for me and it was broken out of the box! ,sent it back with evidence already.I don't know how  this can pass QC. last one is my 4th refurbished monitor. I feel a little bit frustrated.

However, I have a question about dust which stay between LCD and back panel. I am sure it is not dead pixel. When I contact Dell technical support, they said they cannot do anything because dell does not have the document to resolve this problem then it is out of warranty. 

it looks like this 


Best Regards,

PS: I heard that UP2715K is EOL, will Dell support this model for 3 years warranty?

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  • First, you need to post pictures of THIS specific (not another monitor online) UP2715K showing the "dust" issue while running its BID (Built-in Diagnostic).

    Second, regardless of how many monitor exchanges you may receive, the 3 year warranty Start and End date do not change. Both based on the original purchase date.