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U2718Q, DP cable, green is not correct


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U2718Q, DP cable, green is not correct

  • How to fix problem with green color when i using DP cable??? it's not fun. I bought this monitor for work with design, photo and etc.

  • The green looks great in that picture?

    * To what computer model, video card, operating system are you connecting the U2718Q?
    * You should be using the supplied Mini-DP to DP cable that shipped in the U2718Q box
    * Open the U2718Q User's Guide to page 51
    * Follow the instructions to run the U2718Q BID (Built-in Diagnostics)
    * Post a picture of the BID green screen

  • Yes green from that picture! From 51 page diagnostic not helped!

    Problem when connect with DP cable, when connect with HDMI all fine.

    Videocard AMD

    Radeon Pro 555 2 ГБ, Macbook 2017, OS and WIN the same with dp cable

     Problem with GREEN GRADIENT. 

  • From a warranty perspective, the BID green screen passes. We cannot exchange this monitor. You have two options =
    * Purchase 3rd party color calibration hardware (colorimeter) and software and calibrate the monitor
    * Return the monitor for refund

  • Can't return because with HDMI work fine, and they say, monitor ok, this problem only with any DP or mDP cable! And this "bad pixel test" not professional for professional display!

  • Then calibration hardware and software are the only alternative.

  • No calibration is not the answer!!

    I purchased spyder5Pro and I also used DisplayCal software  No use!!!

  • No resultat?

  • kostasfi,

    Are you saying that calibration by the Spyder5 Colorimeter hardware and its software failed to "calibrate" the monitor colors?

  • Exactly1

  • Not sure. But if your BID green screen also passes, Dell cannot exchange it.