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P2317H, second one, horizontal lines


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P2317H, second one, horizontal lines

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I bought this monitor then after 5 months these pink horizontal lines have show up.

Still under warranty so I got it replaced, but after 3 months the new one also show up with the same problem.

On the self test the pink line its only visible on the gray screen..


the thing is, I am just really unlucky or I am doing something wrong that make these lines show up? Anyone else with this problem?

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  • It would help to know what computer you are using, what operating system, what video card, and how the monitors were connected to said video card using what cabling and ports. Did the first P2317H have that line appear in the same place as the second P2317H? After 5 months, the replacement would be used, not new. What were the 20 digit serial numbers and A0x revision numbers of both P2317H?

    * Disconnect every cable from the P2317H
    * Press and hold in the P2317H power button for 15 seconds
    * Reconnect only the P2317H power cable
    * Run the Built-in Diagnostics again

  • Desktop that I use have a i5 3330 + r9 270 using with hdmi cable and windows 10, also tried to use with a notebook but the problem stays.

    The lines appears in different positions on the two monitors.

    sn for the first monitor;


    and the second monitor;


    I did all of these steps and the line still there.

    --edited serial number to remove some part of it.

  • Since the lines appear in the BID, get it exchanged again. For my notes, click my username and send me via private message the complete serial numbers.