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U2515H, New from reseller, service tag number issues


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U2515H, New from reseller, service tag number issues

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Hi, I bought the Dell U2515H about a month ago, a day later I checked the warranty status but the service tag number was not found in the database, I thought it probably haven't registered into the database yet because I just bought it. but after a month, the service tag number still return no warranty status. is this normal? I am in Indonesia.

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  • Did you buy this U2515H directly from Dell? If not, from whom? What is the 20 digit serial number and A0x revision? Using that number, I can tell you when it was manufactured.

  • no, I bought it from a computer store called "anandam computer"

    is it okay to post my SN here?

    the 3 last digit was A03

    in the back panel it says  manufacturing date was april 2017

  • So they had it on their shelves for at least 5 months. A03 is the latest revision I have seen out here. Because you bought the monitor from a reseller, the express service code and tag may have originated in another region of the world which is why the Dell website in your region cannot see it. You need to contact Technical Support for your country. You will then need to email that Technical Support representative a copy of your sales invoice and a picture of the product with service tag number. Once they receive those pictures, they will call you back. While you are on the phone, they will then contact the Dell Tag Team.

  • would this be the number I need to call?


    I can't find the word "technical support" specifically

  • Dell Indonesia Toll Free (Basic support for all product) Monday-Friday 9am-6pm 021-1500-858

  • that number is unreachable.

  • Not sure. This is what I searched.