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WD15 docking station issue


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WD15 docking station issue

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does WD15 supports Display cable being converted?

e.g VGA cable converted to Mini-Display adapter

I wanted to setup 3 monitors using the WD15 dock, currently I am able to setup HDMI and VGA.

3rd display as mentioned above i tried to use VGA convert to Mini-Display (won't work)

I have installed all latest drivers.  

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  • jasapon.

    Click the link below to download the online users manual for information setting up the WD15.

    wd15 Drivers. Downloads and Manuals

    DisplayPort™ over USB Type-C

  • Hi Jesse,

    I have no issue setting up the WD15, my issue is does it support a VGA converting to Mini-display?

    at this point i am using the HDMI and VGA on the Dock no issue with that.

    so just the 3rd one that i need to use (mini-display)


  • The current Monitor we have is Dell P2317H and this model does not support Thunderbolt(Mini-display) so the only think i can use is VGA and use an adapter to convert it to Mini display. I hope this makes it clear.

  • jaysapon,

    Unfortunately, VGA cannot ever upconvert to monitor .DP or mDP.

    * Go back to the top of this Monitor Forum

    * Open the announcement, "FAQ Monitor"

    * Read through, "Computer VGA/DVI/HDMI out cannot upconvert to Monitor DP/mDP in via a straight cable"

  • Hi Jesse,

    Is there a Dock station that is compatible for Latitude 7280 and can support 4 display screens?