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UP2715K, R/L uniformity?


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UP2715K, R/L uniformity?

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Hi, I have some technical problem with UP2715K. My half of the screen seems dull compare to another side if I choose on standard, movie, game, and paper preset mode. Anyway, my screen function perfectly if I choose color space and custom preset mode. Already tried on-board graphic card, still have problem. I also tried factory reset everything and no effect. After that, I ran Self-Diagnostic by pressing button 1 and 4 together, the result of every colors show perfectly OK. 

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  • I see nothing wrong in that picture. That picture shows me that this UP2715K passes our manufacturer specification for overall uniformity. Add to that the fact that you stated that the BID (Built-in Diagnostic) passed, the fault is not with the UP2715K. The fault has to lie with the operating system, video card drivers, or cabling. Go back to the top of this Monitor board. Open, "Read this first before posting". Provide the computer, operating system, video card, cabling data asked for in that post.

  • I apologize that I post before reading "Read this first before posting".

    (1) "Hard" reset the monitor

    Done nothing changed.

    (3) Restore the monitor to Factory Defaults using the monitor OSD (On Screen Display)

     Also did this.

    (4) Run the monitor Self-Test and BID (Built-in Diagnostic)      

     All colors works perfectly

    Provide the computer, operating system, video card, cabling data

    Z270E Asus MB, I7-7700K, window 10 64bit, GTX 1080 Ti EVGA and using 2 display cable.

    Additionally, I tried to use 1 single DP cable connected with the monitor using on-board vga, the problem still persists in those color preset modes except color space and custom preset modes.

    here is more clearer image of my problem

    By the way, I already contact DELL support and help is on the way. However, I would like to ask you, have you ever encountered this kind of problem and what causing it so I can avoid this in the future.




  • replaced by DELL , still wonder why does BID test pass but still broken.

  • The Preset Modes are all using different variables of R/G/B exposing the issue in some modes. I don't think its the monitor. I think its the video card driver. My guess is that the replacement will do the same thing. Let us know when you get the replacement monitor.

  • I got the replacement yesterday and my problem is resolved with the new monitor.

    By the way, when I first time boot my computer, my new monitor always show " Entering power save mode". I have to restart computer again by pushing the "reset" button from my PC or I have to unplug power cable of monitor and re-plug it again in order to get the monitor signal.

    Do I have to disable "Monitor sleep" on OSD menu?

    Thanks you a lot  for your response.