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U2415, Canon camera, aspect ratio 3:2?


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U2415, Canon camera, aspect ratio 3:2?

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Hello, when I connect my canon camera to my monitor, through the HDMI port, the image is distorted. In the menus, I saw there are provisions for 16:10 (native), 4:3 and 5:4, but where is 3:2, the DSLR standard ratio? Surely that can't have been overlooked in an UltraSharp monitor.

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  • Aspect Ratio 3:2 is not supported. The online U2415 User's Guide shows on page 43 the supported Aspect Ratios =

    You should contact Canon support and ask them if they know of a workaround.

  • And why would such a basic thing be omited?

    I tought fighting with aspect ratios was a thing of the last decade, I expected to see my images displayed with black bars to fill the voids, just like on any TV, but apparently, not all monitors are up to it!

    Ok, I know it's out of your control, but maybe you can pass the comment to the software team who decided to leave that out.

    Thanks for the quick reply. And have a good day!