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SX2210T, never validated for Windows 10 Touch


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SX2210T, never validated for Windows 10 Touch

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I have a SX2210T monitor that used to work prior to Windows 10. Now it will not work. After having IT check it out and download drivers, it was determined that it is a Dell issue. Any way I can get the touch screen to work again with Windows 10, Dell?

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  • Thank you for your message.

    This model was never validated/tested by Dell for Windows 10. There is no official touch driver available from Dell for Windows 10. The monitor touch driver is native in the Windows 10 operating system. So some driver change was made on your end from the time it worked to not working?

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  • I am also having this issue with the SX2210Tb monitor touch capabilities no longer working with Windows 10.  I recently had to replace my Studio XPS after the motherboard died and so I purchased an Inspiron with Windows 10 and can not get the tochscreen to work.  Please provide a solution and drivers to resolve the issue as I really use the touchscreen alot.

  • The seven year old SX2210T was never tested/validated for Windows 10. The fact that it worked on the Studio XPS with Windows 10 was luck. Dell only provided the Windows XP/Vista/7/8 non-touch monitor driver (inf/icm/cat). The monitor touch driver is native in the Windows operating system as part of its chipset drivers. All you can do is check Windows 10 updates looking for Touch and make sure that the Inspiron chipset drivers are updated. Not supported by us but another user said these might work.