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UP3214Q, USB Problem


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UP3214Q, USB Problem

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I have a UP3214Q monitor since 2014 and I have never been able to use the USB input, if I do the monitor almost never boot up, not even to bios, I must turn of the monitor at boot or reboot, and it also have problem with start up from sleep mode and a few more things, I wonder what rev number it has now and what fixes it got since 3 years ago.

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  • We on the Forum are not privy to what the manufacturer may or may not be doing concerning monitor revisions. The only firmware revision data I see is what customers post out here. The latest I have seen from customers was A04. But I have no way of knowing what fixes it may have had.

    * What is the 20 digit serial number and A0x revision?
    * Did you purchase and test another USB 3.0 upstream cable?
    * Did you test the provided USB 3.0 upstream cable on every USB 3.0 port on the computer?
    * When connected, did you disconnect all peripherals from the bottom USB 3.0 downstream ports and then test computer booting?
    * Did you test the UP3214Q and its USB 3.0 upstream cable on a different computer?

  • A00 revision manufactured in December 2013, S/N: CN-OK3R90-74445-3CN-237P

    I Have tested 2-3 USB 3.0 upstream cables, one maybe 1.5m one 3m and know I have a 4m active cable, and it`s not worked very well, I have tested on 2 computers on ALL USB ports, but I have not tested to disconnect all peripherals from the bottom USB 3.0 downstream ports, but I think that makes no difference

  • You NEED to remove the USB peripherals from the UP3214Q bottom USB downstream ports and then see if the computer boots up correctly. The UP3214Q USB upstream ports is still connected to the computer. Then, attach those same peripherals directly to the computer and see if it boots up correctly. If not, then the fault is those peripherals and not the UP3214Q.

  • I missunderstood your answer, I thougt you mean remove the USB peripherals from the PC, I dont have any devices connected to the monitors USB ports, I only use the card reader

  • Understood. So the only cables from the monitor to the computer were the USB upstream cable and the video cable. And when the monitor USB upstream cable was connected to any PC USB port, the PC would not boot? Or the monitor would not show anything?

  • yes thats right, but it boot up sometimes, and if I turn off the monitor when booting it works mostly, and the card reader works without problem with USB-3.0 speed, but it also have this sleep mode problem,  the monitor dont start up after sleep mode

  • That could be the fact that you are on A00. If still inside the 3 year warranty period, you could ask for an exchange.If already outside of it, you will have to live with the workaround of turning it off, no sleep mode usage.

  • tyvärr så är den ca 3.5 år gammal, om det hade gått att försena USB porten i datorn så att den inte startar förrän inlogningssidan kommer upp, men det kanske går i bios jag har inte prövat