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U2717D, Acer V15 Nitro laptop, HDMI connection issue


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U2717D, Acer V15 Nitro laptop, HDMI connection issue

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I just purchased a Dell U2717D monitor. The issue i have is: I connect it though HDMI from my laptop (Acer V15 Nitro with Intel 530 + Nvidia GTX 660m, Windows 10 64 bit). After downloading the drivers through service tag and installed. Now I have picture at my monitor only when i go to Intel HD control panel, set the Dell (which show it but with black screen) to 1080p hit apply, and then change the resolution to native 1440p . I checked drivers , updates etc. Any answers to my problem ? thanks in advance. P.S. Dell display manager doesn't recognize that i have a connected screen (even when its working).

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  • * Turn the laptop and the U2717D off
    * Disconnect EVERY cable from the U2717D
    * Press the U2717D power button in for 10 seconds
    * Be sure to plug the AC power adapter into the laptop
    * Turn the laptop on
    * Once into Windows 10, make sure it looks good
    * Restart the laptop
    * Reconnect the power cord, HDMI to HDMI cable, and USB upstream cable to the U2717D
    * Connect the HDMI to HDMI cable and the USB upstream cable to the laptop
    * Turn the U2717D on
    * Press the U2717D Input Source button and choose HDMI/MHL
    * Open the laptop display settings and extend the windows desktop to the U2717D

    What happens?

  • first of all thanks for your quick anwer

    I did exactly what u said and i still dont get signal to the screen. When i do the extension , it messes up with the laptop screen icons. it changes possition like it sees the second screen the laptops. Again with the same trick. (desktop/right click/ intel graphic settings/ general setting / it shows and i choose dell u2717d / have to change the resolution to 1920X1080 ,click apply, and then it show picture at the dell screen. then i chage the resolution to 2560X1440 ,hit apply again and its working.) take out the hdmi and put it back in still the same problem and have to do it all over again. Tried hdmi 1.4 and 2.00

    Its so frustrating .....any option i could tweak on the monitor ?


  • I doubt that the monitor is at fault here. You should post on the Acer Nitro Forum and see if other V15 users have had similar issues. Is there another computer there with HDMI out to the monitor on?

  • I connected the monitor to another pc and its ok, not saying that is for sure the monitor. but cant find the problem to my pc connection. I should try Usb-c to DP but i need to buy it.

    Thanks for your answers