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U2717D, time it takes to get an input signal and show image?


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U2717D, time it takes to get an input signal and show image?

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What is the input lag of the U2717D? I have seen three different reviews which measured input lag to 9.6 ms, 25 ms and 36 ms, respectively. Which is the correct number? Or is the number different between different revisions of the monitor? (Reviews from Hardware.info, TFTCentral and PCMag, respectively.)

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  • The U2717D User's Guide specifications page 10 states,

    Response Time 8 ms (typical), 6 ms (fast mode)

  • I'm actually talking about a different parameter than response time. Response time is how quickly the pixels can change color (from black to white, or grey to grey, typically). I am interested in input lag, which is the time from the monitor receives an input signal and to the image is shown on the screen. This can be measured for example by using the Leo Bodnar testing tool.

    The reviews mentioned in my first post have used this kind of tool to measure input lag, and received different results. So I am interested in Dell's own view on this parameter.

  • I see. Unfortunately, Dell has not provided that information in the specifications. I would scan the dates of the reviews. I noticed on later dates that the times were better than the older TFT Central time.

  • Yeah, I did check that. Apparently both Hardware.info and TFTCentral tested the same revision (A00). Hardware.info got 9.5 ms and TFTCentral got 25 ms. On the same revision. So it's not clear.

  • I am only aware of A00. I have not seen any customers stating that they have a newer revision. You should test one at a local store rather than just trust the reviews.

  • I doubt any of the local retailers have equiment for testing input lag. I actually bought a monitor from one of them yesterday, which is Rev A02. I will be exchanging it for an A03, if possible.

  • For my notes, what is the 20 digit serial number of that A02?