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U2715H, flashing intermittently


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U2715H, flashing intermittently

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* What operating system? Windows 10
* What video card? Nvidia GeForce 840M
* Video card driver version? Latest Nvidia
* What video out ports are available on the video card? Several
* What video out port are you using from the video card to what video in port on the monitor? HDMI
* What cable are you using to attach the video card to the monitor? HDMI
* What windows power plan? High Performance

* Press the monitor Menu button to open the monitor OSD (On Screen Display). The bottom of that screen should show a resolution. What is listed? 2560x1440p
* Was the monitor purchased from Dell or some reseller? Compuindia.com

U2715H is flashing intermittently. My laptop is also from Dell - Inspiron 15 3000 Series. I have seen other posts describing this problem but none of them didn't mention the exact resolution. What is the problem exactly? Is it with Monitor or Video card??

I am using HDMI cable to connect the monitor to my laptop. My laptop doesn't have display port.

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  • What specific Inspiron 15 3000? There are multiple versions? Have you tested another external monitor via HDMI on this laptop? Have you tested the U2715H on a different computer via HDMI?

  • I am using Inspiron 3542.

    Yes, I tested U2715H on a different laptop (Acer Aspire 4738Z) via HDMI. On Acer, U2715H started flickering immediately after Windows booted up. In fact it was flickering for more than a minute. Output is extremely bad, I saw blue straight lines. On Inspiron 3542 output is much better it flickers intermittently but it is less frequent as compared to Aspire. I took a camera to record that.

    Any suggestions?

  • Is the cable in good condition? Perhaps you could check with a different hdmi cable?

  • * If installed, uninstall the Dell Display Manager. When done, reboot the Inspiron 15-3542 and retest
    * Open the U2715H Menu OSD (On Screen Display) -Others and Factory Reset it. Exit the OSD and retest
    * The U2715H has two HDMI in ports on the bottom. Test the other one
    * Test a different HDMI to HDMI cable

  • Thanks @Dell-Chris M. To me it looks like this issue is related to HDMI signal strength or signal format. Old systems like Acer might be generating low signal or it could be in some other format that most advanced Dell monitor is not able to recognize well. @Dell-Chris M : Possible for you to confirm Inspiron 3542 HDMI signal output is "strong enough" and 100% compatible with Dell U2715H?

  • I do not have one to test. But the Intel GPU specifications say it can do that resolution.