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U2417H, Dual, 50' cabling?


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U2417H, Dual, 50' cabling?

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we already have one monitor, model as above, and we bought a second one to connect those two monitors together.

initially we used a 50 ft long HDMI cable and hdmi-to-DP adapter but with no luck. we also tried hdmi-to-miniDP, didn't worked either.

if we direct connect the second monitor with hdmi-to-DP adapter from the pc , it works just fine.

what we need to do is connect both monitors to mirror the output from monitor1 to monitor2. while trying this with a display port cable (DP-out from monitor1 to DP-in monitor2) it doesn't work.

is there any limitation/restrictions on the length of the cable? we have to solve this asap.

thank you all.

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  • just to add that we tried disabling DP 1.2 and also tried with miniDP.

  • Dell only tested/validated the 6' DP to mDP cable that was provided in the box by the manufacturer. To verify that the U2417H are functional in a DP1.2/MST daisy chain, you must test with our cables =

    Computer DP out --> Dell DP to mDP cable --> #1 U2417H mDP in (MST On)
    #1 U2417H DP out --> Dell DP to mDP cable --> #2 U2417H mDP in (MST Off)

  • so basically Chris what you are saying is that distance is a factor for not being able to connect them all together.

    we have planned to connect all 3 monitors together the way you say and i'm pretty sure this will work.

    but the thing is users who must have the monitors are at minimum 15 ft away from each other (separate desks) and have to pass cables under the raised floor.

    i will keep you posted.

    thanks man!