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UP2414Q, 2017 MacBook Pro, DP 1.2/MST issue


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UP2414Q, 2017 MacBook Pro, DP 1.2/MST issue

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My UP2414Q shows a split screen when I run it from my new 2017 MacBook Pro. According to Apple's website article here 


I should just be able to do this

  • Dell UP2414Q and UP3214Q: Choose Menu > Display Setting > DisplayPort 1.2 > Enable

And it should work fine, but instead it makes the screen split and the computer sees it as 2 separate screens. 

Having done a little research it seems that Revision A00 had firmware issues and was updated on 2/24/14 to A01 which got rid of the bugs in the firmware. Unfortunately even though I bought my monitor on 7/24/2014 I somehow got the older broken version.

I originally bought this monitor with the intention of using it eventually at 4K 60HZ. Is this possible? Is there a firmware update out there somewhere that would fix this? Or would this thing be covered under warranty?

Purchased 7/24/2014 from B&H

S/N CN-06X55C-74445-410-220L

2017 Macbook Pro with Radeon Pro 560 and Intel HD graphics 630

Via Thunderbolt 3 -> TB3 to mDP cable -> Mini display port

OSX 10.12.6

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  • You lost me. Are you trying to run BOTH monitors from the 2017 MBP Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C out port in a daisy chain? The DP 1.2/MST setting in these monitors simply allows the usage of the higher resolution of 3840x2160 60Hz. It does not refer to the physical daisy chaining of monitor 1 to monitor 2.

    You do understand that neither the UP2414Q nor the UP3214Q have the needed DP OUT port? Without the DP out port, you cannot daisy chain them.

    UP3214Q video in ports = DP, mDP, HDMI
    UP2414Q video in ports = DP, mDP, HDMI

    We do not offer downloadable firmware updates for these monitor models. Your UP2414Q was manufactured on January 24, 2014.

  • Thanks for your response. No, I'm not trying to daisy chain. That statement off the apple website was just instructions on how to make those Dell monitors work with MTS.

    I just want my single UP2414Q to run at 3840x2160 at 60HZ. I can run it at 30HZ fine, but enabling displayport 1.2 doesn't work on this monitor, Ver A00, because of a bug that was literally fixed exactly one month after my monitor was made.

    I read on some forum that there was possibly a swap out program where some sent in their monitor and Dell swapped it out with a Ver A01. Is this a possibility?

  • Unfortunately, no. The 3 year warranty started on the purchase date from B&H 7/27/14 and ended on 7/24/17. This monitor was manufactured on 1/24/14. A month prior to the release of A01. So B&H must have had it in storage until they sold it to you 6 months later.

  • I should always just buy straight from Dell, which I have done on all my other monitors through the years. Is there any way to chat with an engineer? I understand that Dell is flashing old A00 with the new firmware to make them work and reselling them.

  • Is there any way to chat with an engineer?

    * No. They are not customer facing.