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U2417H, Washed out video color on YouTube?


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U2417H, Washed out video color on YouTube?

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Hi, last week i posted a problem that i had with the U2414h model, i managed to get it replaced with the U2417h and one of the problems does not seem to be resolved.

I have great colours on desktop, in games and tv shows and movies that i watch on vlc player.But when i open youtube it's like i'm watching an almost black and white movie , the colours are washed out like an  old western movie and the contrast is very dim. I don't think is the gpu's fault an Rx 470 from amd, i had it hooked up on my brothers VA Benq monitor and the colours and contrast looked alright. 

I used the provided cable, an Hdmi gold plated cable and a displayport  cable and the result is the same , the colours look dirty and old. Am i doing something wrong? 

I am using the monitor with 90 % brightness and 85% contrast. Anything above that and everything on the desktop looks too bright. 

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  • Two different monitor models with the SAME YouTube issue. Doubtful that the monitors are at fault. It could have been a setting in the Dell Displays Manager software. So uninstall that software for now, then reboot the computer. The U2417H should be restored to Factory Defaults (Brightness 75/Contrast 75) in the OSD (On Screen Display) -Others. Do not make any other changes in there once done. Test YouTube. Then test the U2417H and those cables on another computer when viewing YouTube.

  • I don't have it installed, Display Manager, since i reinstalled Windows so i can use latest version, the Fall Update. I think i am going to return the monitor, it is almost certainly the contrast overall, my brother  has a Benq Gw2470hm, with a contrast of 3000:1 compared to dells 1000:1, we hooked up the same system with the same cables and surprise not only contrast was better on everything , movies, games, but colors also looked more vibrant and natural at the same time. And that monitor has a 90% Srgb coverage.