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UP2718Q DUCCS not working


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UP2718Q DUCCS not working

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I purchased a UP2718Q monitor from DELL.com. The product description on DELL.com and the user manual both claim that the product supports calibration with an X-Rite colorimeter. However, the downloads page for the UP2718Q does not contain a link to the DUCCS software. I tried downloading the DUCCS from the UP3218K support page instead, but when I attempted to calibrate my monitor, the software failed to store the profile into CAL1/CAL2. Instead, when I power cycled my monitor, the calibration was lost.

Does the UP2718Q actually support hardware calibration? Where can I find a compatible version of the DUCCS software?

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  • Here is the UP2718Q DUCCS User's Guide. Version specifically states it supports the UP3218K. Uninstall that DUCCS. When done, restart the computer. Download/install version 1.5.12. Retest.

  • Hi Chris M,

    I uninstalled DUCCS and installed the 1.5.12 version that you linked. However, that version does not recognize the UP2718Q as supporting hardware calibration. There is no option to select the target gamut, and no option to store the calibration inn CAL1/CAL2.

    Please advise if any DUCCS version exists that supports UP2718Q. I purchased this monitor based on a TFTCentral review (www.tftcentral.co.uk/.../dell_up2718q.htm) claiming that this feature was present. Is the problem in my monitor firmware? According to the OSD, it is M2T101.

  • Checking with the team via email concerning the website.

    * The monitor USB upstream cable must be connected to the computer USB port
    * In a two or more monitor setup, only ONE monitor should be connected to the computer at a time when calibrating
    * The X-Rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter should be tested in TWO ways =
    Test it on all of the computer USB ports
    Test it on all of the monitor USB downstream ports

    * Once DUCCS is installed, use the Application Info: "Check for update now" button to update to the latest version. What does it say when you do this? When done, restart the computer
    * Press the Menu button to open monitor OSD (On Screen Display)
    - Go to Other Settings- Factory Reset- Reset All Settings
    - Go to Displays or Display Settings and disable DP 1.2/MST (may not be applicable to your model)
    - Go to Color Settings- Preset Modes
    * Choose Color Space
    - Highlight/check either Cal1 or Cal2
    * Exit the OSD
    * Attempt to calibrate using DUCCS and the i1Display Pro Colorimeter

  • Hi Chris M,

    The monitor appears to have two upstream USB type "B" ports. I have tried connecting the monitor to both of them, but I get the same results. The X-Rite colorimeter (i1Display Pro) is recognized both when connected to the monitor downstream USB ports and my PC.

    If I allow DUCCS to update itself, it installs version 1.6.1, which has the same issue I reported in the original post. With 1.6.0 and 1.6.1, it detects that the monitor supports CAL1/CAL2, and allows the calibration to take place. However, at the end of the process, if I use the monitor OSD to change the preset, the screen contents become corrupted and turn white, which only a power cycle can fix. Also, if power cycled, the monitor is no longer calibrated, with the CAL1/CAL2 presets being the same as Standard. I tried the procedure again after performing a factory reset, but the results were the same.

    I noticed that there was no mention of the UP2718Q model in the release notes of the DUCCS 1.6.1 update that was automatically downloaded. Can you confirm if DUCCS works with a UP2718Q in DELL's possession?

  • You lost me on this, "The monitor appears to have two upstream USB type "B" ports. I have tried connecting the monitor to both of them, but I get the same results."

    The UP2718Q has the following USB ports =
    Side USB 3.0 downstream, USB 3.0 downstream
    Bottom USB 3.0 upstream (far left 1st port for DP input), USB 3.0 upstream (2nd port for HDMI input), USB 3.0 downstream, USB 3.0 downstream

    You have to connect the provided USB 3.0 cable from one of the UP2718Q USB 3.0 upstream ports and the other end connects to a USB 3.0 downstream port on the computer.

    You then have to open the UP2718Q OSD (On Screen Display) -USB Selection and choose the applicable USB Upstream port that you are connected.

    Still waiting on email from the team.

  • Hi Chris M,

    I mean that I got the same result whether I connected my PC  to the left-hand upstream port or the right-hand upstream port. I did not know that they were for different inputs (my PC is connected to the mini-DP input), but since I tried both upstream ports, I do not believe that to be the issue.

  • Still researching. This could take awhile. Check back periodically for updates.