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U2312HM, Lenovo, Windows 10 update caused issue


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U2312HM, Lenovo, Windows 10 update caused issue

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After some Win10 updates my Dell monitor stop works as 2nd Display with laptop Lenovo Yoga.

i tried different drivers for Intel HD 520 videocard, i asked help from MS support, but they think that issue with anything except windows :)

so, laptop connected to Monitor via microHDMI-HDMI cable and HDMI-DVi adapter.

this connection works about 1.5years and then stopped.

all same hardware works fine under Ubuntu.

MS asking to have technical report from Dell to continue investigation.

I really tired to hear from MS support that everybody guilt except their OS.

Already tried different Video drivers ( from Intel and from Lenovo)

Tried switching on/off secondary nVidia card and SafeMode

Manually install Win8 drivers from Dell.com

I have 2 laptops Lenovo Yoga 700-14 with the same monitors and the same issue.

so, question: can someone help me to resolve the issue?

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  • The Dell U2312HM is fine. The fact that the U2312HM worked for 1.5 years using the same hardware and cables and works in Linux PROVES that the culprit was the Windows 10 update pushing a driver onto your system. You should repost on the Windows 10 Forum board. Ask them about running the operating system restore to a date prior to the Windows 10 driver push. See if they have any other ideas. You should also post on the Lenovo Forum.

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for reply, but is it possible to have some tech.report from DELL which can show that U2312HM is compatible with Windows 10?

    because  i see driver downloads only for win8 last. And MS support try to convince me that I use non-compatible equipment, so OS not guilty and all responsibility on DELL side, but without your help i'm unable to proof that Monitor works fine with Win10.

  • "After some Win10 updates my Dell monitor stop works as 2nd Display with laptop Lenovo Yoga."

    From a supported/tested operating system point of view, Microsoft is correct. Dell never validated the 5 year old U2312HM with Windows 10. My point was that even though not validated by Dell for Windows 10, the U2312HM and cabling were working with Windows 10 PRIOR to the latest update/push made BY Microsoft. So they did push some driver onto your computer that broke the connection chain.

  • In case you're a normal client, you utilize lenovo drivers download mager however in the event that you do know your direction session computer(which you appear to do) at that point you shouldn't utilize it as you should know your way about drivers and modding as you've said between the lines that you do. A peculiar inquiry from you tbh.