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U3011 5.1 Sound through analog outputs via DisplayPort


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U3011 5.1 Sound through analog outputs via DisplayPort

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I have a Precision 5520 connected to a TB16 thunderbolt dock. The dock is connected to a U3011 using the full size DisplayPort. With this setup I can get 2.0 channel sound coming out of the monitors analog outputs. When I setup the monitor to 5.1 channel mode and windows to either 3.1, Quadraphonic, or 5.1 I get no sound from the U3011 analog outputs. When I connect another PC via HDMI I can get the 5.1 to output through the analog connectors on the monitor. 

The problem is that using HDMI I can only use 30hz at the monitors native resolution of 2560x1600

My questions are

Is DisplayPort inherently limited to having on 2.0 channel audio? This doesn't seem to be the case from what I have read. 

Is the DisplayPort implemented on the TB16 limited to only 2.0?

Is the DisplayPort input on the U3011 limited to only 2.0? 

Is there something I could try to get this to work?

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  • The six year old U3011 hardware is out dated compared to the 2017 Precision 5520 and the TB16. Is there a newer monitor there to test on the Precision 5520 and TB16? I would take the TB16 out of the troubleshooting. Connect the U3011 directly to the Precision 5520 and then test to see what audio you get through the U3011 DP in port.
    Precision 5520 TB3/USB-C out port --> TB3/USB-C to DP cable --> U3011 DP in port

  • Yeah it's older. Many of the newer monitors have only a stereo analog output... The 5520 only has HDMI built in, no DP.

  • The Precision 5520 also has the TB3/USB-C out port. Which is why I linked to that TB3/USB-C to DP cable.

  • Ahh, I see what you mean. Unfortunately that defeats the purpose of the dock, having power and all other peripherals connected.

  • Agreed, but I was trying to remove the dock to see if the laptop could output to higher than 2.0 when connected directly to the U3011. If it could, then the fault is the TB16.