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U2717D, sharpness


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U2717D, sharpness

  • Dear community,

    I'm having trouble setting a good sharpness on my new U2717D monitor.
    Display->Settings->Sharpness has values from 0% to 100% with a step of 10.

    50% gives an image which is close to normal but noticeably blurry and hard to work with for a prolonged time. Anything bellow 50% makes the image too blurry to look at. Any value above 50% makes the image horribly sharp. I guess a decent setting would be at 55% but there's no way to set this value (because up/down step is 10). I have a couple of other IPS/PLS monitors (Asus and Samsung) which give me no trouble in this regard.

    Is something wrong with my specific device? Is there a firmware update which could fix this issue?


  • * You can see on the drivers page that there are no firmware available. This model is not equipped to have a user install a firmware
    * Assuming that you reset the U2717D to Factory Defaults in the OSD (On Screen Display) Others, then started tweaking the Sharpness?
    * Were the Asus and Samsung monitors connected to the computer using the same port as the U2717D?
    * Were the Asus and Samsung monitors using the same resolution of 2560x1440 60Hz?
    * Have you updated the video card driver to the latest version?
    * Post pictures of the windows desktop using the default sharpness of 50

  • Hi Chris,

    * Yes, i visited the drivers page and found no firmware, but this doesn't mean there's non in existence. Speaking from experience, some manufactures do send out firmware updates upon request (for clients with compatibility problems, etc).

    * Yep, did reset to factory defaults

    * Connected other monitors to isolate the problem

    * Other monitors also have QHD resolution on same frequency

    * Radeon RX580 with latest drivers

    * I've tried taking a picture, but unfortunately, the slight blur at 50% is not distinguishable on a photo. 60% sharpness makes the picture too crisp with distinct artifacts but you will not be able to see the difference on a photo either.

  • Speaking from experience, some manufactures do send out firmware updates upon request (for clients with compatibility problems, etc).
    Interesting, but Dell does not do this. If a firmware is available, we will post it on the File Library for all owner's to access.

    If we cannot "see" the issue via pictures, we cannot justify a monitor exchange. If you decide to return it for refund, you must do this inside the first 30 days from the Dell invoice date.

  • I have exactly the same problem. Running Mac OS High Sierra on mac mini.

    50% is mostly fine, except *some* areas on the screen are blurry.

    60% is already way too sharp.

    What can I do?