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Cannot connect U2415


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Cannot connect U2415

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Just got it and tried to connect but all i get is the floating message No DP Cable! I connected miniDP to the monitor and DP to the all the possible sockets i have in my computer (1 from mother board and 3 from GeForce 1080) nothing's changed. Same floating message! What did i do wrong and why Dell cannot provide us with an extra cable for a different port?

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  • You can see in the U2415 User's Guide page 6 all of the cabling that is provided. You should be using the DP out ports on the GeForce 1080, not the computer onboard DP out port =

    GeForce 1080 DP out port --> U2415 DP to mDP cable --> U2415 mDP in port

    Press the U2415 Menu button (page 35), go to Input Source (page 40) and change it to Mini DisplayPort. Then exit the Menu.

  • I have the Guide and I've tried everything possible combinations! Got stressed, and sweaty! Went to a store bought DP --> DP cable and it started working! Now a million dollar question! Why not to include an extra DP - DP cable in the package? I got freaked out, stressed, and ***! Had to spend extra $$ for the cable. Because of this small thing you get a lower review ranking and next time i decide to look for a monitor, i will consider others first.

  • The provided DP to mDP should have worked when choosing Mini DisplayPort in the OSD. Perhaps the cable itself was faulty. I doubt that the mDP port on the monitor is faulty. The manufacturer decided which cables would be provided.