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Removing superglue from LCD monitor (U2311H)


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Removing superglue from LCD monitor (U2311H)

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So I got some superglue (cyanoacrylate) splattered on the display surface of my U2311H monitor.

Fortunately there are only small drops, but sadly they are still noticeable.

Is it possible to remove it without hurting the monitor itself?

From multiple sources I have found that a so-called "Debonder" liquid can help in removing superglue. But nothing about whether it hurts the surface of an LCD screen or not.

According to the label the Debonder contains acetone, and supposedly in concentrated form.

The product is exactly this: ZAP PT-16 Z-7 Debonder

Can I use this to clean my monitor?

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  • How bad is the glue on the LCD? This is not Dell recommended and this is way outside of scope (so I personally can only say from my experience but wouldn’t recommend trying without knowing the risks)…, but in my experience (90% +) Isopropyl Alcohol mixed 50/50 w/ distilled water and a microfiber cloth or even Q-Tip might work and I have used something like this on LCD screens (but unfortunately not on superglue, especially because of the way it might have bonded to the screen), even isopropyl wipes, but I do not know how well those will react with the glue. The acetone will typically work better... but the issue you run into is that it can react with the plastics/screen etc., and soften/damage/eat it etc. If you do decide to go that route be very careful with applying it to just the glue or if it’s a lot and you know you will get it on the screen maybe see if you can test a small spot… I haven’t been in chem recently so I am trying to remember some of this off the top of my head, but I think acetone would be more of a last ditch effort. I have also heard white vinegar mixed 50/50 with distilled might work as well, but again this is not something I have tried, and the results look to be something more likely on reg glue/gum etc vs superglue.

    I hope this helps, and good luck with removal, let me if you have any luck and sorry to hear about the screen.

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  • The biggest spot  is 1.5mm in size and it's 6.5cm from the bottom of the monitor, horizontally around the middle, so this is the most noticeable, with the way it refracts light. There are two smaller ones at the very bottom.

    So trying it on a small spot wouldn't really be worth it, if it makes things worse.

    I tried 70% alcohol, but it doesn't do a thing to cyanoacrylate.

    I posted here, because I hoped that if I can get a surefire answer to this somewhere, then this is the place to get it.

    I also found this video on yt, where someone removes superglue from an LCD screen. But then it can't be determined whether the surface is the same material, or not.

  • Thanks for the update, I was hoping the alcohol might work... but I figured since it was superglue it wouldn't do much, I just knew from personal experience it won't hurt the LCD like acetone might. Someone else might chime in, but sorry on not being sure about acetone on the screen. I watched the video, but I agree with you, I can't tell either. 

    Let me know if you have any luck.

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  • I think the best option is to replace the Anti Reflective Coating of the monitor.

    you will never be able to get off the superglue.

    There are guides how to take off the AR coating for U2711 on the internet, it requires that you very carefully soak the front in distilled water for a whole day and thereby be able to peel it off.

    You might want to replace it with a 3M AR laminate which is self adhesive (dont know how to get it, but i've found it on 3M's website)

    i know this all sounds rather difficult - but if the spots are annoying and the alternative is to buy a new monitor .. then go ahead and try :)

  • Hi Montago,

    Thanks for sharing this. I haven't personally tried removing the AR coating but I have heard of it being done. This is a very interesting suggestion and I agree is worth a try vs. buying a new one :)

    Thanks again for sharing,