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Dust Behind Panel Dell E2014Hc.


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Dust Behind Panel Dell E2014Hc.

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Hello there...

I am having Dust behind or inside Panel which is quit annoying on three corners of screen Right TOP, Left Bottom and Right Bottom. Is there any process of removing it.

The problem is from beginning of purchase but dust was small amount and is not considered much of a problem but it increased now. 

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  • Unfortunately, Dell does not repair monitors or have disassembly documentation. Your only option is to take it to a local TV repair center to see if they can disassemble it.

  • But product is in warranty. Will warranty be intact if i repair it outside ?

  • Purchased directly from Dell or from a reseller? Disassembling this 3 year old monitor would void any warranty. What is the 20 digit serial number? Even if still under the purchased warranty period, Dell could not replace this monitor until you could show us via pictures that the plastic bezel has an obvious defect allowing dust in.

  • I purchased from nearby store in my city.  And yes you are right i never noticed that bottom of bezel from has a defect  i seen it first time when you hinted. I can surely attach its picture. 

    My Purchase ate of Bill is 06/01/2015

    Picture of Bezel at bottom..

    Serial No. 

  • Because you bought it from a retailer and not directly from Dell, the warranty started on the manufacturer date of July 19, 2014 (47J in the 20 digit serial). The 3 year warranty ended on July 19, 2017.

  • Do you actually mean that if i have contacted a year ago than i might have got replacement ?