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P2415Q, grey horizontal lines


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P2415Q, grey horizontal lines

  • I just bought and received my first Dell monitor. It's the P2415Q. And the first thing I noticed after connecting it was the grey horizontal lines. Some googling later and I ended up here.

    I see this problem being mentioned all over the internet. Can anyone confirm if this is normal, so all Dell P2415Q behaves like this, or would a replacement fix it? And if so, does Dell replace the monitor because of this problem?

    It really looks terrible. Having used many other 4K UHD screens, I've never seen anything like this before. I am disappointed.

  • We will need more information.

    * Was the monitor purchased directly from Dell or some reseller? And when?
    * What is the 20 digit alpha-numeric monitor serial number and A0x revision?
    * Open the monitor User's Guide
    * Perform the Factory Reset, page 37
    * Run the monitor BID (Built-in Diagnostics) page 44. Post pictures of the BID showing us the issue

    * To what computer model is the monitor attached?
    * What operating system is installed on the computer?
    * What video card/GPU is installed in the computer?
    * What video OUT ports are on the video card/GPU?
    * List all monitor cables and adapters attached to the computer and the ports they are using and how they are connecting to the monitor. For example =
    Computer video card GTX 1080 DP out port --> DP to mDP cable --> U2414H mDP in port
    * Press the monitor Menu button to open the monitor OSD (On Screen Display). The bottom of that screen should show a resolution. What is listed?

  • Today purchased from reseller my third P2415Q and with that I have exactly the same issue.

    Lines are visible in BID very well.

    But impossible to take a photo of them, I tried with Sony A6500 and no luck --- for eye they are clearly visible but in photo there is so much information when zoomed up that I cannot differ it from pictures of other two monitors (I did BID for all of them).

    Best to see those lines is last BID screen with text, but no luck with pictures or video.

    My monitor is manufactured in July 17 with serial CN-0D8VXF-QDC00-773-0Y8B-A05.

    I wanted to order tomorrow one more but are they all like this?

    I will return it tomorrow (luckily I did not had time to throw package away).

  • Show goes on: returned previous monitor to warranty and purchased a new one from another reseller, because I needed one more.

    The new one is manufactured August 17 and it has the same issue -- horizontal lines.

    So now I have 4 monitors and 2 of them has those lines...

  • Today I went to shop to get new monitor (from warranty) and we opened it right there and tried BID --- again those horizontal lines were there.

    Production date August 2017.

    So seems that July 2017 and August 2017 are affected.

  • Today I got new monitor, manufactured September 2017, revision A06

    And finally without horizontal grey lines!

  • Show goes on. This new monitor has those grey lines from today, but little bit differently --- 1/3 screen in the middle is with lines and other 2/3 is OK. I am talking about September 2017, revision A06.

    I have two January 2015 A03 same monitors connected to same computer and they work still fine without any lines.

    Returning this monitor tomorrow. Again. ***.